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What is a Virtual Business Number and How Does it Work?

Starting and running a business has so many moving parts that are difficult to keep up with, and so many of those moving parts are so expensive. It’s no surprise that most small business owners end up working overtime to make their new venture a success, sacrificing a work-life balance to try to make their […]

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business owner selecting a business phone number

How to Get a Business Phone Number

There’s a lot to set up when you’re launching your business. You need to set up a website, find an office space, acquire business licenses and necessary permits, and more. You’ll also want to set up a business phone number. Fortunately, while everything else on that list takes a little bit of time and research, […]

Jamie LowaryJamie Lowary Communications Specialist

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How Does a Virtual Phone System Work?

When businesses are setting up their communications, there are plenty of different options to choose from. What used to be the standard in-office technology and physical phones, is no longer the norm and businesses are quickly shifting to more flexible communication platforms. Some large corporations buy their entire staff iPhones with their own business numbers, […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
startup owner using a cloud phone system on the go

Why Startups need a Cloud Business Phone System

Does your startup have a business phone system that’s working for you? Plenty of startups don’t, believe it or not. They start out relying entirely on messenger and email communication, using the occasional Skype call or Google Hangouts as needed for face-to-face calls. Eventually, many move to an in-office system, grounding their business and their […]

Jenn KennedyJenn Kennedy Director of Marketing
Young woman listening to podcasts with headphones

Our Favorite Podcasts – May 2020

Another month in quarantine, another month’s worth of business podcast recommendations from your friends here at Tresta. Each of the podcasts we recommend are hand-selected for the value that they provide to our small business and entrepreneur community – whether discussing founder stories, taking a deep dive into current trends, or identifying what’s next in […]

Jillian EnterlineJillian Enterline Senior Digital Marketing Manager
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tresta team happy hour
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tresta team service day
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