How a Virtual Phone System Helps You Through a Hectic Holiday

December 8, 2017

how a virtual phone system helps you through the hectic holidays christmas tree lights


Ah, the holidays. Carols fill the crisp, winter air as leaves turn golden, then red, then fall to the ground. A familiar feeling of dread creeps into the back of your head with the approach of the most hectic season for just about any business.

Staying organized is paramount during the holidays, and it can seem impossible with tasks piling up on top of whatever personal obligations you and your team members may have.

While not easy, it’s certainly possible to stay afloat during the holidays, and a cutting-edge communication system will help.

A cloud-based virtual phone system like Tresta is packed with features designed to optimize how your team communicates and works together, and might be just what you need to survive the season without a hitch. 


Must-Have Cloud Tools for the On-The-Go Entrepreneur

October 31, 2017

7 Must Have Tools for the entrepreneur on the go woman using phone while sitting at her laptop

You’re an entrepreneur on the go.

Maybe your day is full of client meetings around town. Maybe you’re taking a day to work from home. Leaving the office behind, however, might leave you feeling disconnected from the day-to-day operations of your business.

Fortunately, there are a slough of cloud tools and solutions designed to keep go-getting mobile business professionals up to speed with what’s happening behind the scenes while they’re busy on the front lines.

Read on to reveal the best cloud tools for:

  • Communication
  • Task Management
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Invoicing and Financial Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Note Taking

Business Phone Numbers: Is My Business Ready for a Cloud Phone System?

August 17, 2017

Woman working on the phone free ebook 5 reasons virtual phone systems are better for small businesses business phone numbers

Of the 27.9 million small businesses in the United States, just over three-fourths of them have zero employees. That’s nearly 21 million people owning and operating a business on their own.

For someone running a business on their own, it makes perfect sense to use your mobile phone as your business phone. There’s no need to add devices or pay another provider for service if your smartphone already meets the needs for your business.


5 Ways a Virtual Phone System Makes Your Remote Team More Productive

July 31, 2017

man working at train station on cell phone virtual phone system remote work

The modern workplace is as diverse and flexible as the people who make it up. Advances in technology allow teams to work remotely as physical proximity is no longer a barrier to getting work done. Remote work helps businesses make better use of talented people from anywhere and enables flexible collaboration. Using remote workers results in reduced overhead costs as well, as more workers contribute from home rather than an office.

In a recent survey, a surprising 91 percent of respondents said they are more productive when working remotely, in addition to feeling happier and more valued.

A virtual phone system easily connects everyone on your team regardless of location. They are more user-friendly and affordable than traditional phone systems, and will make everyone more productive.

Here are five significant ways a virtual phone system makes your remote workers more productive.


Can a Virtual Phone System Make Your Home-Based Business More Competitive?

July 7, 2017

Home Office with laptop, smartphone, coffee and mouse virtual phone system home-based business

Running a business from home can feel like a disadvantage. Yet, it’s no secret the way small businesses operate is changing – remote work is more prevalent than ever.

It’s feasible to sustain a business from home successfully just as you could from any office. The key to competing with larger businesses is recognizing your advantage: superior service.

A survey conducted by American Express found that 81 percent of respondents thought smaller companies placed greater emphasis on service than bigger companies.

small business record store people shopping customer service statistic


Customers are  also willing to spend 13 percent more with a company they believe provides excellent service.

If your business provides superior, stress-free service to customers, it won’t matter if you’re based from home or from a trendy office space in the city.

A virtual phone system places your home-based business on a level playing field with larger competitors in two important ways. Here’s what you need to know.


How to Nab More Leads and Empower Your Sales Team with a Virtual Phone System

June 15, 2017

Team of people working together why your sales team needs a virtual phone system

A salesperson’s interaction with a potential client is often the only human contact a customer has with your business. Your sales team a key component in managing customer expectations and perceptions.

Equipping your sales team with the means to communicate and adapt to a client’s needs is essential to their success.

Virtual phone systems have redefined the way businesses communicate in just about every way; the ease and flexibility of a cloud phone makes it an essential tool for your sales team.

Whether your sales team is remote or on site, a virtual phone system makes them accessible no matter where they work.

Here are a couple reasons a cloud phone is an essential sales tool plus some features that make landing sales even easier.


5 Surprising Things a Virtual Phone System Does for Businesses

April 20, 2017

working remotely cloud phone cloud communications virtual phone system

The internet has certainly made life easier. But when it comes to doing business, phone calls still reign supreme. Did you know that 75 percent of customers think calling is the quickest way to get a response? Seems like a big number, but it’s true.

Today’s virtual phone systems make managing your business over the phone easier than ever. Modern systems handle much more than you might think! Here are five surprising things a virtual phone service will do for your business.


4 Sure Fire Ways a Virtual Phone System Drives Loyal Customers

March 27, 2017

woman on cell phone in a cafe virtual phone system for business

It seems like the most profitable businesses get flooded with new customers non-stop when the exact opposite is true: their current customers are sticking around.

Loyal customers are worth more to your business and are worth 10 times their first purchase. Existing customers are also 50 percent more likely to try your new products, and spend 31 percent more than your new customers.

The problem: it can be tough for small businesses to provide quality service. Great service doesn’t come cheap.

A virtual phone system helps you create a customer service process that’s efficient without blowing your budget. Here’s how your cloud phone system will drive customer loyalty and help you build your business.


10 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Insanely Happy During the Holidays

December 8, 2016

10 ways to make your customers insanely happy during the holidays


The holidays are such a stressful time – we’re all feeling the strain.

Between the pull of work and obligations with friends and family, the last few months of the year get filled up fast. The to-do lists become a mile long and everyone starts mentioning how they could really use a clone.

Businesses feel the same strain and stresses during the holidays. Except, on top of their personal and work obligations, they also have to make their customers happy. Quite the undertaking.

The good news is that great customer service isn’t about grand gestures or giant budgets, but rather using the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated – as your guide.

Here’s a list of ten ways to make your customers so insanely happy that they’ll stick around in the new year.