Cloud phone and messaging designed for growing startups.

Tresta brings all your business calls, texts, and contacts together into one easy-to-use app that works anywhere and can be managed by anyone.

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Add a main company number

Instantly add local and toll-free numbers on the best cloud phone platform for startups. Tresta supports calling via our mobile app, and texting via our mobile and web apps. 

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Present a professional image

With a business number from Tresta, you’ll have access to features like auto attendants, extensions, call menus, ring groups and more to manage calls professionally and help your business look its best.

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Share calls and texts across your team

Share phone numbers across teams with features that make it easy for team members to co-manage the calls and texts your business is receiving.

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Save time and money

Save valuable time and money with automated robocall blocking and auto attendants that can route callers without the need for a live receptionist.

See how Tresta is helping other startups.

With amazing apps, features and support at an affordable price, Tresta is the easiest way to add business phone and messaging services for your startup.

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Walter Roberts

Excellent service. Connectivity is good. Service is reliable. Great tool for the sole proprietor. Great value!

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This is an amazing company. Their customer service is top notch which is very hard to find these days.

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Tresta is the first auto-attendant Virtual phone system we've ever used. We were able to route calls to the needed staff members, which makes us more efficient in our business.

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Ready to scale with you as your company grows.

The easiest cloud phone system to setup and manage.

Setup your new business phone system in minutes, and make changes at anytime in our easy to use web app.

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Individual and shared lines

Whether you need a main company number, private lines for individuals, or shared numbers for teams, Tresta makes it easy. Choose from local and toll-free numbers that can be activated instantly and used on any device, with simple options to control who on your team has access to each number.

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Easy, flexible routing

Tresta gives you total control in one easy interface. Assign numbers to ring directly to a specific user or team, or use auto attendants and extensions to route calls across your company using one shared number.

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Automatic spam blocking

Put a stop to the never-ending stream of robocalls. Tresta's automated human detection feature automatically blocks calls that weren't placed by a live human, saving your business valuable time and money.

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Backed by amazing support.

Our team of friendly, helpful product specialists is here for you with amazingly personal support for your startup's cloud phone & messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tresta’s cloud phone system is the easiest and most cost-effective way to add a business phone number for your startup. Business calling, messaging and contacts all in one app. Keep your business and personal communications separate and give your company all the communications tools it needs to succeed. All features are included for one low monthly price. No contacts. No commitments. No confusing plans. Scale up or down as your business needs at any time with unlimited flexibility. Access all your communications via any smartphone or web browser from any location and impress your customers with a first-class user experience.

Backed by the industry’s best customer support, Tresta is the best cloud phone for your startup. Get started now.

Tresta has super simple and easy to understand business phone system pricing that is an excellent value for all businesses.

Tresta only has one product. No confusing plans! The initial platform fee is $10/month, and you get every feature. This will give you access to the web and mobile apps for one low monthly fee.

Adding users to your phone system is very easy and is only $10/month per user. All users will have access to all features, including team rollover, voicemail, and call recording.

If you would like to add additional phone numbers to your account, you can do so instantly for $5/month per number. Set up new local or toll-free numbers or transfer existing umbers in four to seven days.

No per minute charges, no confusing plans, and no premium feature fees. See why 9 out of 10 businesses who start a free trial become customers.

Every feature is included for one low monthly price. Tresta has everything you need for better business calling and texting with the simplest cloud phone pricing on the market.

Sign up for Tresta and immediately have access to calling, messaging, contacts, reporting, spam blocking, custom greetings, auto attendants, phone extensions, call menus, scheduling, call groups, visual voicemail, call recording and call forwarding.

Give your business the tools needed to succeed. Start today.

Tresta is available on any web browser and all smartphones.

Download the Tresta virtual phone app for iOS and Android and turn any smartphone into your business phone system. Call and text on your business number from anywhere without additional hardware or equipment.

Access you Tresta account via your web browser to manage users, configure features, web texting and viewing your analytics.

Ready to get started? Download the app and start your free trial.

You can easily access our YouTube channel or blog online for more FAQs, chat in with our team, email us at, or even call us at (844) 2-TRESTA. We have an amazing team of friendly, helpful product specialists ready to assist your business with your business phone system needs. Our support team is available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET.

We hope you won’t need them, but if you do, they are ready to assist!

Find out firsthand why our support keeps customers coming back. Start your Tresta free trial today.

Tresta offers you the freedom and flexibility to use any smartphone for your business phone system and you can get it set up instantly! Get a new local, toll-free or vanity number now, or port over an existing number within a short time. You can start the process immediately and even test the service free for 7 days.

After your trial period, pay a flat monthly price for each user and phone number on your account.

Let’s get started! Experience Tresta for yourself.