One simple app for calls, texts and contacts 😎

A modern, app-based business phone system. No hardware, total flexibility.

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Easy to setup and manage.

Tresta makes it incredibly easy to add a business number with all the capabilities of a cloud phone system.

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Get a new phone number instantly
Add a new phone number for your business – instantly. Tresta has in-stock local numbers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as toll-free numbers, for only $5/mo/number.
Set up your number in minutes

Your new phone number is active immediately upon completion of signup, and with our call flow builder you can update your number with just a few clicks at anytime. You have complete control over your number in one simple and intuitive interface. 

Great features and reliability.

Everything you need for better business calling and texting, with rock-solid 99.99% availability.

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Calling, texting and contacts on any device

Tresta’s web and mobile apps let you call and text on your business number from anywhere, on any device. And with powerful routing capabilities, you can present a professional image anytime someone calls or texts your business.

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Tresta’s cloud-based, distributed architecture ensures that your phone number’s always working properly. We guarantee 99.99% uptime, or your money back. 

Laptop displaying the messages screen in Tresta web app
iPhone displaying messages screen of Tresta mobile app

Automatic spam detection and blocking.

Put an end to robocalls and automated spam with Tresta's human detection feature.

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Block spam with automatic human detection

With automatic human detection, callers that aren’t in your contacts will be asked to press 1 to prove they’re human. Boom! No more robocalls. 

Eliminate robocalls, political ads and more 🙌
Save valuable time and money when you eliminate the constant barrage of robocalls, political ads and other automated spam.

Amazing customer support.

Anytime you have questions or need help, our team is here for you with truly outstanding customer support.

Tresta employees: Jamie and Cedric
This is an amazing company. Their customer service is top notch which these days is very hard to find.
Friendly, helpful product specialists

We take pride in our customer support. We have a passionate team of U.S.-based agents that are here to serve our customers and ensure that your concerns are addressed. With an average speed of answer under 35 seconds, you’ll always be greeted quickly with a helpful agent ready to handle your request with friendly, personal service.

Refreshingly good customer service

We strive to design our product to stand on its own, but we understand that your needs may be unique. We offer a range of options for educating yourself on Tresta, including our knowledge base, YouTube videos and our blog, but we also have a supportive staff of customer service agents available from 8 am to 8 pm ET to address your questions via chat, email or trusty phone. 😃 We want you to have a great experience with our product and we are committed to supporting you in your business endeavors.

Tresta employees: Jamie and Cedric
This is an amazing company. Their customer service is top notch which these days is very hard to find.

Designed to grow with your business.

It's easy to start with what you need today, and grow into more later. There are no confusing plans to select, you get every feature for one low price.

Platform fee

Access Tresta’s web and mobile apps for one low monthly fee. Every feature is included, with no confusing plans to choose between.



per account


Add users to your business phone system at an incredibly economical price, with features like call rollover, voicemail and call recording.



per user

Phone numbers

Add local and toll-free phone numbers that can be activated instantly. Or, transfer your existing number in 4 – 7 days. 



per number

Plus taxes and fees. Minimum of 1 user and 1 phone number required. Messaging is not available during the free trial period There will be a charge to activate messaging on local numbers of $20 for personal/sole proprietors and $69 for all other business types Personal and sole proprietors may only use messaging on one (1) local phone number. All other business entities who provide the required information can message on an unlimited number of local numbers. Messaging to Canadian wireless numbers from a Toll-Free number may not be available due to limitation on the wireless phone number.

Create your free account to see why 9 out of 10 people who start a free trial become customers.​

No contract
Monthy billing
Cancel anytime

Trusted by thousands of businesses.

Try Tresta today to see why 9 out of 10 free trials become customers thanks to Tresta's amazing features, price and customer support.

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Their customer service is top notch. It has the three components that any high-level customer service team should have. Accessibility, knowledge, and responsiveness. Each Tresta agent that I have spoken with has been engaging, willing to help, and patient with all my questions.

Tresta Customer Allie
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Allie P

I like how easy it is to switch between phone numbers within the app whether it’s dialing out for a call or sending a text to a client. I like that I can receive and send pictures in the texts. I also like that when a client calls me it rings my phone with my “Tresta number” and tells me via a recording that it is a Tresta call.

Tresta Customer Darren
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Darren E

Much to compliment Tresta on, but, I’ll focus on what counts: service. The people have been amazing!! I needed some help getting things set up but all it took was one phone call and in minutes everything was set up exactly how I wanted it. Couldn’t be happier and looking forward to a long professional relationship. Good on ‘ya Tresta! Thanks for treating me right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tresta is the best platform for business phone and messaging for growing businesses that need the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device. Business calling, messaging and contacts all in one app. Keep your business and personal communications separate and give your company all the communications tools it needs to succeed. All features you need for one low monthly price. No contacts. No commitments. No confusing plans. Scale up or down as your business needs at any time with unlimited flexibility. Access all your communications via any smartphone or web browser from any location and impress your customers with a first-class user experience.

With amazing apps, features and support at an affordable price, Tresta is the best way to add phone and messaging services for your business. Backed by the industry’s best customer support, Tresta is the best phone system for your business. Get started now.

Tresta has super simple and easy to understand business phone system pricing that is an excellent value for all businesses. Tresta only has one product. No confusing plans! The initial platform fee is $10/month and you get every feature. This will give you access to the web and mobile apps for one low monthly fee. Adding users to your phone system is very easy and is only $10/month per user. All users will have access to all features, including team rollover, voicemail and call recording. If you would like to add additional phone numbers to your account, you can do so instantly for $5/month per number. Set up new local or toll-free numbers or transfer existing umbers in four to seven days. No per minute charges, no confusing plans and no premium feature fees. See why 9 out of 10 businesses who start a free trial become customers.

Tresta has everything you need for better business calling and texting with the simplest business phone system pricing on the market.

Sign up for Tresta and immediately have access to calling, contacts, reporting, spam blocking, custom greetings, auto attendants, phone extensions, call menus, scheduling, call groups, visual voicemail, call recording and call forwarding.

Give your business the tools needed to succeed. Start today.

You can easily access our YouTube channel or blog online for more FAQs, chat in with our team, email us at, or even call us at (844) 2-TRESTA. We have an amazing team of friendly, helpful product specialists ready to assist your business with your business phone system needs. Our support team is available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET.

We hope you won’t need them, but if you do, they are ready to assist!

Find out firsthand why our support keeps customers coming back. Start your Tresta free trial today.

Tresta requires no commitments! No contracts are required. Pay monthly. Add users and numbers as you need and cancel anytime. There are no confusing plans to choose between or hidden fees to surprise you. With Tresta you get every feature we offer all for one low price and you can modify or cancel whenever you need. We want to win your business every month by offering the best product at the best value. Start off with the first 7 days on us. Sign up for a free trial today.
Tresta is available on any web browser and all smartphones. Download the Tresta virtual phone app for iOS and Android and turn any smartphone into your business phone system. Call and text on your business number from anywhere without additional hardware or equipment. Access you Tresta account via your web browser to manage users, configure features, web texting and viewing your analytics. Ready to get started? Download the app and start your free trial.

Absolutely! Tresta has a free 7-day trial period for you to explore all the features and functionality of the mobile and web apps. Set up your team, add numbers, and establish workflows, groups, and greetings for your company. Tresta’s business phone system does much more than placing and receiving calls and text messaging. Manage your business contacts, set up call menus, utilize auto attendants and voicemail as well as view your communications analytics.

With Tresta, there are no contracts, obligations, or long-term commitments. Add or remove users and lines at any time or cancel if the timing is no longer right for you.

To experience it for yourself, start your 7-day free trial so you and your team can set up the tools specifically for your company’s needs.