Automatic spam call blocking.

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Put an end to annoying robocalls and spam.

No I'm not interested in learning about a new car warranty!! 🤬

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Stop robocalls and other automated spam calls

When spam call blocking is enabled, calls from numbers that aren’t in your contacts will be asked to press 1 to prove they’re human. If they can, they’re whitelisted and sent thru. But if not, the call is blocked before your phone ever rings. Boom! No more robocalls.

Diagram of human detection and blocked calls
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Easily whitelist numbers to bypass spam blocking

Of course there are times when you actually want to receive calls from an automated system, for example, to receive a 2FA code by phone call. In these cases, it’s easy to whitelist the phone number so it can bypass human detection and ring to you.

Life's better without the constant spam calls.

Say goodbye to automated sales spam, phishing attempts, political ads and more.

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Sales spam

We can’t promise to stop all sales calls, but at least we can block the automated ones. With Tresta’s automatic spam call blocking, sales calls that aren’t from a live person can’t get through.

Phishing scams

Phishing scams represent a risk to your business. Keep automated bots off your numbers with Tresta’s human detection feature that automatically blocks spam calls that weren’t placed by a live human. 

Politcal ads

Don’t you love it when you answer the phone only to hear a pre-recorded message from your favorite politician? Put a stop to these automated annoyances once and for all with Tresta. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Put an end to annoying robocalls and spam! Tresta’s automatic spam call blocking filters out calls that weren’t placed by a live human. Since you are on this page, that must mean that you are tired of receiving calls from unwanted contacts, same as us. Your time is valuable and the distraction of dealing with spam calls is simply unnecessary. Tresta’s spam call blocking feature allows you to enable human detection for all callers that are not in your contacts or have been previously whitelisted. This is a simple test for the caller to press ‘1’ after a prompt, and their call is let through. After qualifying that their phone number is from a legitimate contact, they will not be asked to verify their status again. Blocking unwanted callers is just the beginning! See all the other features that Tresta offers that will improve your customer’s experience and make your team more efficient. Start your free trial today.
The Tresta spam call blocking feature is designed to remove automated calls from reaching your phone. This will reduce the number of cold-call sales, phishing scams, and political ads from reaching your phone. This is a simple feature that can be enabled for all your numbers and users. With Tresta’s spam call blocking you can reduce the distractions of unwanted calls, reduce the risk of nefarious scammers, and remove the annoyances of unnecessary ads, all with a feature that is included with every account. See what phone Zen is like. Eliminate the unwanted callers. Try Tresta today.

Tresta’s spam call blocking is a feature that you can enable or turn off whenever you’d like. The purpose of spam call blocking is to prevent robocalls or other automated phone traffic from reaching you. This feature is designed to add a required step for new callers to acknowledge that they are human by pressing ‘1’ after a prompt. This requirement would only be activated if the caller is not already in your contacts, or previously whitelisted. After the caller passes the human identification test, they will be added to your whitelist and this step will not be required for future authorization.

Spam call blocking is just the beginning of the powerful business phone features that can elevate your business. Start your 7-day free trial and see for yourself.

If callers are already in your contacts, or they have been previously whitelisted, they will be sent straight through without the human detection process. The spam call blocking feature is specifically designed to eliminate automated, computer-generated calls that are prevalent for sales, phishing, and political outreach. Your customers will have no problem getting their calls placed to your business. Test out what it is like to have this unwanted phone traffic eliminated from your life. Try Tresta’s 7-day free trial today.
Every feature is included for one low monthly price. Tresta has everything you need for better business calling and texting with the simplest business phone system pricing on the market. Spam call blocking is available for every account, every phone line, and every user. Sign up for Tresta and immediately have access to calling, messaging, contacts, reporting, spam blocking, custom greetings, auto attendants, phone extensions, call menus, scheduling, call groups, visual voicemail, call recording and call forwarding. Give your business the tools needed to succeed. Start today.
Tresta offers you the freedom and flexibility to use any smartphone for your business phone system and you can get it set up instantly! Get a new local, toll-free or vanity number now, or port over an existing number within a short time. You can start the process immediately and even test the service free for 7 days. After your trial period, pay a flat monthly price for each user and phone number on your account. Tresta is the #1 choice in phone systems for small business. Start your free trial today to see why 9 out of 10 free trials become customers.

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