We're helping build the possibilities of tomorrow.

With a customer-focused outlook, product-driven growth and a team-centric culture, Tresta is helping to imagine and deliver exciting new possibilities in the UCaaS space.

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Our North Star is one simple question that we ask ourselves constantly: what would be best for the customer in this situation? From pricing, to product, to support, you’ll find that we always put you first, because in the long run, when you win we win. 

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Ultimately, our success comes down to the experience you have with our product, so we’re laser focused on creating the absolute best user experience, with simple, intuitive interfaces and subtle touches of delight that make Tresta a joy to use. 

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Happy teams deliver the best results, so we work we’ve worked hard to create the kind of culture where our team members feel like family and are empowered to own their ideas and run with them, no matter where they fall on the org chart. 

Our mission

To improve the way people communicate and work together.

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A new kind of business phone and messaging platform

When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy how the internet has revolutionized so many things in our lives, and yet business phone systems have seen very little change from the ones we used in the 90s.

We’re helping to reimagine how the business phone system would work if it had been invented in the internet era: no hardware, multi mode numbers (calling and texting), and amazing functionality that just wasn’t possible in the past.

Empowering teams to work from anywhere, on any device

With distributed teams, multiple offices, #WFH and hybrid work arrangements, today’s workforces are more dynamic than ever. Businesses need communication solutions that can accommodate needs like these as well as the evolving challenges of the future, and Tresta is helping to make it happen with our no-hardware, app-based solutions.

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Making enterprise capabilities more accessible and affordable

Legacy business phone systems required expensive capital investments, as well as significant ongoing operational expenses that businesses had to bear. This often put the best in business communications capabilities out of reach for many small businesses. Tresta is helping to change this by democratizing access to enterprise features with solutions that eliminate capex outlays and drastically reduce ongoing opex.

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