Looking at setting up a Business Phone Number? Not sure where to begin? Do you need a landline or a smartphone? What if you have a team of employees? Do you need $60 VOIP headsets? Do you even need VOIP? Maybe all you need is to forward incoming phone numbers. If any one of these questions apply to your business, follow the simple steps below and have your own business phone number in a few minutes.

Step 1

Download the Tresta App  

After you download the app, activate the 7-Day Free Trial. Find out why thousands of small businesses call Tresta the best virtual phone app for iPhones (download via the Apple App Store). Do you use an Android? Find out why thousands of small businesses call Tresta the best business phone app for Android smartphones (download via Android Google Play Store).

Step 2

Activate the Tresta App 

Activation is easy and painless. But if you get stuck, Tresta’s customer support is available via phone, email, or chat. 

Step 3 

Pick your existing Phone Number or a Different Number

You can port your current, active business phone number to Tresta. Or start from scratch by adding a second phone line. Think of it as your dedicated business phone line. You can pick from any area code you desire. Choose your local area code, vanity number (i.e. 702-555-CATS), or even a toll-free 800 number.

Step 4

No extra devices required! Save hundreds of dollars. 

Unlike other systems, Tresta does not require additional phone hardware or network devices. Other business phone systems use landlines or VOIP systems with costly phone gear, $60 VOIP phone hardware!, digital displays, and ethernet cables. The costs add up if your company has many employees!

Using Tresta will save your organization thousands of dollars and headaches since Tresta only requires an Android or iOS smartphone to download and activate a Tresta business phone number. 

Step 5

Setup your Staff’s Phone Permissions

If you are a one-person business a.k.a., a sole business operator, skip to step 6. 

But if you have a group of employees, Tresta offers a wide range of admin controls and features. From providing employees their dedicated phone numbers, phone extensions, or setting up the company welcome greeting menu (a.k.a. Auto Attendant), Tresta can make any company more professional, flexible, and profitable. For example, if your business needs to update business hours or add a new employee to the phone menu, you can make changes on Tresta with a few clicks. 

Step 7

Enjoy your active Business Phone Number

Enjoy your Business Phone Number and take advantage of all the modern business phone features to help your company grow and expand. 


Tresta’s virtual phone system provides unlimited calling and texting from anywhere on any device with an easy-to-use app. Instantly add local and toll-free numbers and take advantage of phone call recording, call routing, and other call management features that empower your business to communicate smarter and more efficiently.

For more info visit our website at tresta.com.