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Port Your Phone Number

Tresta makes it easy to port a phone number in to use on our platform.

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Enjoy Unlimited Usage and Flexibility

When you port your phone number into Tresta, you’ll enjoy unlimited talk and text and powerful call management features, plus the freedom to use your number on any smartphone.

Port Your Phone Number Quickly and Easily

Tresta makes it fast and easy to port your number. You can port a phone number in to Tresta in as few as 3 to 5 business days – just fill out our short online form and we’ll handle the rest.

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Zero Missed Calls

When you initiate your port to Tresta, you’ll select a specific cutover date when calls and texts will seamlessly switchover from your old carrier to Tresta without missing a beat.

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No Fees to Port

There are no fees or charges to port numbers into Tresta, and you retain ownership of the number – so you’re free to port it out at any time.

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It’s Easy –
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Tresta makes it easy to get a new phone number or transfer your current one.