Go from personal to professional with the Tresta phone app.

With the Tresta virtual phone app for iPhone and Android, you can get the features you need to run your business and keep your personal and professional calls separate.

Go from personal to professional with the Tresta phone app.

What can you do with Tresta?

Tresta lets you add business numbers to your existing cell phone and provides powerful call management features.

Place calls from your business phone number.

  • Make business calls from anywhere with Tresta's mobile app.
  • Easily pick which of your Tresta numbers you want to call from.
  • Tresta shows your business number as your caller ID, not your personal number.
  • Automatically sync your phone contacts with Tresta's app to call anyone with just a click.
Make Calls

Answer calls from your business phone number.

  • Be available to answer calls from your business phone numbers - no matter where you are!
  • Tresta shows which of your numbers is calling, so you know how to answer.
  • Tresta also shows the caller's caller ID, so you know who's calling.
  • When you don't answer, Tresta can send callers to your business voicemail or somewhere else like the main attendant or another person.
Receive Calls

Easily control how your calls are routed.

  • Welcome and direct callers with professional custom greetings.
  • Send callers to the right person, team, attendant, or voicemail with smart routing.
  • Route calls based on the day of week and time of day with call scheduling.
  • Distribute incoming calls across teams and departments with ring groups.
Route Calls

Work better as a team.

  • Share the ownership of phone numbers, voicemail boxes, call recordings, and call history and analytics.
  • Increase visibility, accountability and effectiveness when your team can share in important business communications.
  • Improve your customer experience with faster response times and better insight into how you're communicating.
  • Control exactly what employees can access with flexible user and team permissions.
Share Calls

Tresta is a breeze to set up.

Create your account and start taking calls in under five minutes.

1. Choose your number.

Select a local or toll-free number, or port a number you already have. Tresta offers phone numbers in practically every city and area code in North America.

Choose your number.

2. Configure your settings.

Follow a few simple steps to configure your call routing. The setup wizard in the Tresta web app makes it fast and easy!

Configure your settings.

3. Download the Tresta app.

Download the mobile app for iOS or Android and put the power of a business phone system in your pocket.

Download the Tresta app.

4. Start calling!

It’s that easy! You're now ready to make and receive business calls from wherever the workday takes you.

Start calling.

Get every Tresta feature for one low price.

Why choose Tresta for your business phone system?

Check out some of the top reasons our customers love Tresta.

Easiest To Use
Easier To Use
Tresta's ease of use truly sets it apart from the competition. We offer incredible features and capabilities in a package that anyone can use.
Best Pricing
Best Pricing
Unlike many of our competitors, Tresta has no per minute charges, contracts or commitments, and every feature is included for one low price.
Always Improving
Always Improving
At Tresta, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. That's why we're always investing in new features to help our customers run their businesses better.
Unmatched Reliability
Unmatched Reliability
We know how important your phone is to your business. With Tresta, you get the most reliable, crystal-clear and secure virtual phone system on the market.
Remarkable Service
Remarkable Service
We've worked hard to make Tresta simple and intuitive, but if you ever need help, you'll find that our 24/7 customer service and support team is the absolute best.