Users & Groups

Control what each employee can do and what departments they're associated with.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Users and Groups

Take advantage of powerful user and department settings.

With Tresta, it's easy to configure your business phone system exactly the way you need it to work across all your people and departments.

Add as many users as you need for only $15 per user per month.

Tresta makes it easy to add everyone to your business phone system, and you can rest easy knowing that you'll never be surprised by your bill since there are no per minute charges or à la carte feature fees.

Add as many user groups as you need for free.

Group users into user groups to represent teams and departments. User groups are free, so add as many as you need.

Use groups to manage permissions and to route calls to teams and departments.

Tresta includes three built-in user groups that are used to manage permissions:

  • All Users - members of this group (who are not a Billing Admin or a System Admin) can only make changes to their own user profile.
  • Billing Admins - members of this group can view billing invoices, modify the payment method on file, and are authorized to cancel service.
  • System Admins - members of this group can make system configuration changes that affect how your business phone system works.
User groups can also be used as call routing endpoints. When a call is routed to a group, everyone's phone will ring and the first person to answer gets the call.

Unlimited usage.

Tresta's pricing model is pay per user + pay per phone number. Simple as that - you'll never be charged a per minute fee of any kind or an add-on fee to use any of the features we offer, so you don't have to worry about users racking up unexpected charges.

Financial flexibility.

Traditional hardware based phone systems involve significant upfront expenses that are effectively sunk costs. With a cloud phone system, the price you pay each month maps directly to the number of employees that you have active in the system, giving you a level of financial flexibility that's unparalleled.

I wish all the software we use was this easy.

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