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Unlimited Calling

Make and receive unlimited calls on your business phone number.

Business Calling on Any Device

With the Tresta phone app for iOS and Android, you can turn any smartphone into a business line. Make and receive calls on your business number from anywhere, while keeping your personal number private with Tresta’s dynamic caller ID.

iPhone Peacock business calling

Unlimited Minutes

With Tresta, you pay a flat rate for each user and phone number on your account – that’s it. There are no per minute, per call or per text charges, so you can call as much as you want without worrying about your bill.

Unlimited calling to customers

Toll-Free is Included Too

Unlike most of our competitors, our unlimited calling applies to both local and toll-free numbers. All of Tresta’s features work the same way regardless of whether you’re using a local or toll-free phone number.

Unlimited toll free calling

It’s Easy –
Let’s Start Here

Tresta makes it easy to get a new phone number or transfer your current one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tresta charge extra for unlimited calling?

No, unlimited calling is included in your monthly fee.

Is it truly unlimited?

Yes. There are no hidden “gotchas” or caps on our unlimited minutes.

What countries can I receive calls from?

You can receive calls from any country.

What countries can I call?

You can place calls to any phone number in the US, Canada or US territories.

Do I have to use the mobile app to use Tresta?

Yes and no. The mobile app is required to place calls and to send and receive text messages. If you don’t care about these features, though, you can receive your calls via call forwarding and do not need to install the mobile app.

How many calls can be connected at once?

There are no limits to the number of concurrent calls on your phone system, and no concept of “phone lines” that would limit how many calls you can place or receive at the same time.

Is it possible for my callers to ever encounter a busy signal?

No. You could receive 1000 calls all at once and callers would not hear a busy signal.

Loved by Customers

At Tresta, you’re our passion. We’re constantly striving to make our business phone system even better, because nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy.