With custom schedules, you can have Tresta automatically route your calls based on your office hours and your team's availability.


Call scheduling tailored to your business.

Tresta's custom call schedules let you control exactly how your calls are routed on each day of the week.

Simple, flexible call scheduling.

Tresta makes it easy to route calls to different users, departments, forwarding numbers, pre-recorded messages, voicemail boxes and auto attendants based on the day of week and time of day.

Simple, flexible call scheduling.

Schedules for every situation.

Tresta’s flexible call scheduling is great for accomodating a range of scheduling needs like regular business hours, lunch breaks, vacations, all-day meetings, and more. You can create call schedules for any user, group or department in your system, and create global schedules for your company's main phone number and office hours.

Schedules for every situation.

Easily change and update schedules anytime.

Change in plans? No problem! Log into the web app anytime to easily update how Tresta is routing your calls.

Easily change and update schedules anytime.

FAQs: Call Scheduling

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's call scheduling, or contact us for more information.

Is it easy to set up call scheduling?

We’ve made it simple to set up call scheduling through Tresta’s user-friendly web app. No IT help or special equipment required!

How much does it cost to use call scheduling?

Just like all of Tresta’s features, there is no extra fee! We don’t believe in charging more for business phone features that you need to grow your business. All of our features are offered at one low, per user price.

What happens to incoming calls after hours?

That’s up to you to customize in the way that best fits your business. Schedule the time and days of the week that your business is closed, and send calls directly to voicemail, auto attendants, or alternative phone numbers.

Can I use different phone numbers for different days or times?

Absolutely. You can route calls to different phone numbers for specific hours or days of the week when departments—or even users—are available. For example, if one customer service representative only works weekday mornings, calls can be scheduled to go directly to a different representative in the afternoons.

What are benefits of call scheduling?

Tresta’s call scheduling was created with your business in mind. There are many benefits—creating customized schedules that give your employees flexibility, making a great first impression on customers, creating a smooth call flow, and staying connected with mobile workers out in the field. Once you try Tresta call scheduling, you’ll never want to go back!