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Ring Groups

Ring multiple devices or people at the same time.

Personal Ring Groups

With Tresta, you can add up to five different phones or forwarding numbers to your user profile, so you have the freedom to answer your calls from anywhere.

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Simultaneous Ring Groups

With user groups, it’s easy to route calls to an entire team or department. Tresta will offer incoming calls to all of the group members simultaneously, so anyone can answer.

Ring Group Flows

Hunt Groups

Sometimes you may not want to offer calls to everyone at once, and instead want to try group members in a specific order. Tresta’s smart routing makes this super easy. Specify who Tresta should should try and in what order, and Tresta will ring each person (or team) for a specified duration before moving on to the next person.

Hunt Groups in Tresta App

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up a team ring group?

There are two ways to set up a ring group – If you want to dial all users at once, simply add all of the desired users to a user group and route calls to that group. If you want to dial each user one at a time (aka hunt group), use smart routing to add the users in the desired order.

Does Tresta support hunt groups?

Yes. You can create hunt groups via our smart routing feature. Just tell Tresta which users to dial, the order you want them dialed, and the amount of time to ring each user at before rolling over to the next user.

Can I configure Tresta to ring multiple users simultaneously?

Absolutely – just create a user group that contains all of the desired users and then route callers to that group via your call flows.

How many people can be in one ring group?

There are no limits to the amount of people that can be in a simultaneous ring group (user group), or a hunt group (configured through smart routing).

What is a personal ring group?

Each user can add up to five devices (mobile phones, landlines or forwarding numbers) to their user profile, effectively creating a personal ring group. Tresta will try to reach the user at all of their devices simultaneously.

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