Reach employees and departments
using their 4-digit extension.

With extensions, you can advertise a single phone number for your company and still give callers a way to get directly to specific employees and departments.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Extensions

Give everyone in your company their own 4-digit extension.

While direct lines are nice to have on business cards, every business needs a main company phone number that can connect callers to any person or department. Tresta makes it easy to assign a 4-digit extension to each user and user group for this purpose.

Extensions for users, departments, and forwarding numbers.

Every user, user group, and forwarding number in Tresta comes with an extension built-in.

Add as many as 9,000 extensions.

With a 4-digit numbering scheme, you have 9,000 possible extensions available to assign. (1-999 are excluded from the numbering scheme and cannot be assigned as extensions.)

Great for speed dial too.

In addition to their primary purpose for outside callers, extensions are also a convenient way to speed dial other users and departments from within the Tresta mobile app.

We like being able to use the same phone number for everyone - it reinforces our brand and saves money.

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