Custom Phone Greetings

Greet your callers with a professional main greeting that makes your company look its best.

Custom Greetings

Personalize calls with custom phone greetings.

Make a great first impression with a custom greeting that plays automatically at the start of calls, for call menus or voicemail boxes, and more. Even customize your greetings according to the time of day!

Easily record or upload new greetings.

Tresta makes it easy to record new greetings directly from your web browser - no special software or equipment required.

Upload professional phone greetings.

Welcome and direct your callers.

However you want to greet your callers, Tresta can help you do it! Whether you want a traditional greeting or something more creative, you can customize greetings to your brand. We’ll help you start off on the right foot with your customers.

Welcome and direct your callers.

Sound polished and professional.

Whether you’re directing callers to an auto attendant or straight to a live person, your greeting matters. The right greeting can make your company appear organized and more established instantly.

Sound polished and professional.

Get free assistance from professional voice talent.

Need help recording the perfect greeting for your business? Our voice talent team is always happy to help you create a professional sounding custom greeting that fits your brand.

Sound polished and professional.

FAQs: Custom Greetings

Read on for answers to common questions about Tresta’s custom greetings, or contact us for more information.

What is a custom phone greeting?

A custom phone greeting is an automated recording that plays when a customer calls. It can serve as a welcome greeting, a voicemail greeting, call directory, a call transition, or even a marketing tool to give your customers promotional information.

What are some examples of custom greetings?

You can be as creative or professional as you want to make it match your brand. Here are a couple examples:

“Thanks for calling ABC Co, the leading provider of alphabets! If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at anytime. Or, for Sales press 1, for Support press 2…”

“Thank you for calling ABC Co, one moment while we connect you with a member of our team...”

What are the benefits of custom greetings?

Custom phone greetings provide several benefits:

  • Deliver a positive customer experience via seamlessly directing customers and offering self-service options
  • Serve as another marketing tool via mentioning promotions while your customers wait
  • Help build your company’s brand
  • Cut labor costs

What is the cost to record/upload a custom greeting?

Custom greetings can be recorded, re-recorded, and uploaded as often as you want with no additional fees! We also offer our voice talent team to record your custom greetings at no cost!

Can greetings be customized for each phone number?

Absolutely. Users have the flexibility to personalize greetings for each and every registered phone number.

How do I record or upload a custom greeting?

To record a greeting, simply use the Tresta web app to record a custom greeting for your welcome, call menu, or auto attendant. Your employees can record a custom voicemail greeting right from their phones connected to Tresta.

To upload a greeting, you can simply send your pre-recording through in a WAV or MP3 file.

If I use Tresta’s voice talent team to record my custom greeting, can I give creative direction?

You can, and should! We want to help you build your brand, and we need your input to do so.