Business Call Recording

Automatically record calls with free online storage using Tresta’s easy call recording system.

Call Recording

Call recording to fit your business needs.

Simple, reliable call recording ensures not a moment of a call is missed. With Tresta, call recording is an easy way to safeguard and improve your business.

Record calls for training and quality.

Want to teach employees how to interact with customers? Are you curious if all customers are getting the same experience? Call recording is a great tool for training and quality control.

Record calls for training and quality.

Protect against liabilities.

In today's litigious world, a recording of what was actually said can easily be the difference between a quick dismissal and a costly legal ordeal. Call recording is an easy way to help protect your business from legal issues.

Protect against liabilities.

Comply with regulations.

Many industries have regulatory requirements that must be followed, and meeting them all can be a headache. Built-in call recording can help ease your compliance burden—so go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief!

Comply with regulations.

Why use Tresta call recording?

Check out some of the top reasons our customers love Tresta’s call recording features.

Secure call recording encryption.

Your call recordings are private data. We understand how important it is that only authorized users are able to access them. With Tresta, your call recordings are access controlled at all times and only transported over encrypted HTTPS connections.

Secure call recording encryption.

Unlimited cloud storage.

Tresta offers an unlimited number of call recordings in your account—for no additional fees! Store as many recordings as you’d like; you’ll always have space and the recordings never expire.

Unlimited cloud storage.

No special equipment.

Tresta works with your existing phone system — there’s no need for special hardware or new equipment. The Tresta app for iOS or Android turns your cell phone into a business phone (without exposing your personal number), and you can always manage your phone service through the Tresta web app.

No hardware required.

Every feature for one low price.

Get every Tresta feature for one price—no contracts or “premium plans” required. Enjoy call recording, call analytics, call routing, auto attendants, extensions, custom users and groups, and unlimited voicemail storage for one low price.

Every feature for one low price.

What can I do with call recording from Tresta?

Record inbound phone calls.

With Tresta, it's easy to record calls. Just enable the call recording option on the phone numbers that you want to record, and you're good to go.

Record inbound and outbound calls.

Understand your customers better.

When you pair call recording with Tresta's call analytics you can track and better understand your customers' buying journey. Keep current customers happy, create buyer personas for future customers, and grow your business by reviewing call patterns and listening to call recordings to hear exactly what's happening on your calls.

Understand your customers better.

Download call recordings.

Need a copy of your business call recordings in a format outside of Tresta? No problem! Your call recordings can be downloaded as MP3 files anytime you need them.

Downloadable call recordings.

FAQs: Call Recording

Read on for more information about call recording, or contact Tresta for more information.

Is it legal to record a call?

It is illegal in many states to record a call without notifying the other participants. However, if all parties are aware the recording is happening, it is usually legal to record the call.

Call recording laws vary by state, so it’s critical to know whether your state is a one-party consent or two-party consent state. It’s also important to think about where your customers are located; even if your business is in a one-party consent state, if your customer lives in a two-party consent state, you will need their permission to record the call.

Why would I want to record a call?

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to record a call, including: training, quality control, protection against liabilities, regulatory compliance, and as reference for order details or trouble tickets.

Do I need any special equipment to record a call?

No! With Tresta, you do not need any special equipment to record a call. It’s as simple as pressing the “record” button or turning on “automatic call recording” in your phone system.

How much does call recording cost?

There are no additional fees for call recording from Tresta. Tresta has flat, per-user pricing that includes every single feature we offer.

Can I record outbound calls?

Not yet, but we're planning to add the ability to record outbound calls in the near future.

How do I record a call?

With Tresta, it's easy to record calls. Just enable the call recording option on the phone numbers that you want to record. That’s it!

Can I download my recorded call?

Yes, you can easily download recorded calls as MP3 files from the Tresta app and share them.

How much storage do I have for my recorded calls?

As much as you need! Tresta offers unlimited cloud storage so you never have to worry about losing space for your recorded calls.

Are my recorded calls secure?

Of course! Your recorded calls are access controlled and only transported over encrypted HTTPS connections.