Call Recording

Automatically record calls with free online storage.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Call Recording

Record inbound phone calls with unlimited cloud storage.

With Tresta, it's easy to record calls. Just enable the call recording option on the phone numbers that you want to record, and you're good to go.

Why record phone calls?

There are lots of reasons that your business might benefit from call recording, for example:

For training and quality control.

Call recording is a great way to verify that the service you're providing is in line with your objectives and expectations.

To safeguard against liabilities.

In today's litigious world, having a recording of what was actually said on a call can easily be the difference between a quick dismissal and a costly legal ordeal.

To comply with regulatory requirements.

Does your company operate in a regulated space? Having call recording built in to your phone system can help ease your compliance burden.

To use as references for order details, trouble tickets, etc.

With a recorded copy of phone calls, it's easy to go back and reference specifics that you may have missed or written down incorrectly.

Secure encryption.

Your call recordings are private data, and we understand how important it is that only authorized users are able to access them. With Tresta your call recordings are access controlled at all times and are only transported over encrypted HTTPS connections.

No storage limits.

Keep an unlimited number of call recordings in your account for free.


Need a copy of your call recordings outside of Tresta? No problem - your call recordings can be downloaded as MP3 files.

Listening to call recordings helped me adjust our sales approach to better fit our customers' needs.

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