Call Menus

Present callers with a self-service menu of options to automatically get them to the right person or department.

Call Menus

Simple call menus for easy navigation.

Call menus make it easy to automatically send your customers to the right destination with the help of self-service key press options. It’s as simple as “Press 1 for Customer Service, or press 2 for Sales.”

Deliver an excellent customer experience.

Call menus give your callers a set of simple options to select from, making it easy for you to get your callers to the right department or person.

Deliver excellent customer service.

Route callers to the right person or team.

With Tresta, you can customize your call menus to fit your business needs. Automatically navigate customers, without the need to wait for a live person to transfer the call. Set up keys 0 through 9 to route to a department, group, or individual.

Customize call menus.

Share calls across departments.

With Tresta’s user and groups, you can create virtual departments for customer support teams, sales teams, and more. Call menus automatically navigate your customers to the right department every time. Add as many departments as you need to grow with your business!

Virtual department creation.

FAQs: Call Menus

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's call menus, or contact us for more information.

Can I create more than one call menu?

Absolutely. Create submenus to connect callers with different departments.

How do submenus work?

Submenus allow for callers to connect with specific departments. For example, once the caller reaches the billing department, the submenu might prompt callers with, “Press 1 to pay your bill now. Press 2 to speak with a billing specialist...”

How much does it cost to set up call menus?

There is no extra cost to set up submenus with Tresta. We offer all Tresta phone features at one low, per user price!

How many menu options can I have?

As many as you need! Each phone number can be assigned a unique call menu, and you can even link call menus to one another.

Can call menus handle more than one caller at a time?

Of course! Tresta’s call menus can triage several callers at once.

How do I set up call menus?

Tresta’s call menus are easy to set up. If you need assistance, Tresta offers 24/7 support. Here are the three steps to setting up your call menus:

1. Record or upload your custom greeting.
With Tresta, you design the greeting and change it anytime (at no additional cost). Record your call menu greeting to inform customers of the menu options. Or, if you already have a recording you’d like to use, just upload a WAV or MP3 file recording.

2. Link keys to call menus.
First, link keys 0 through 9 to the menu options that will best serve your customers. The Tresta call menus also allow callers to connect to employees three different ways: dial by name, by extension, or company directory.

Depending on your business needs, keys can be linked to any of the following: user or department, forwarding number, pre-recorded message, voicemail box, sub-menu of additional options, or even another call menu.

3. Connect call menus to phone number(s).
Finally, route any of your existing phone numbers to your new call menu phone system.