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Call Menus

Help callers get to the right person or team with a menu of keypress options.

Present Callers with a Menu of Options

“For Sales, press 1. For Support, press 2. For Billing, press 3…” Call menus work as part of your auto attendant to give callers a simple set options to select from, making it easy for callers to get to the person or department they need to speak with.

Smartphone Showing a Menu of Options Callers Can Dial

Easily Manage Where Each Menu Option Goes

Each key 0 through 9 can be configured to play an audio file, if desired, and then route the caller to a user, group, forwarding number, voicemail box or a sub-menu.

Call Menu with 4 Options and the Routing Destination for Each

Use Sub Menus for Branching Logic

With sub-menus, it’s easy to create menu trees that drill down to provide another menu of options based on the caller’s last selection.

Call Menu with a Sub Menu that Branches Off the Main Menu

Modify Your Menu Based On Your Hours

With Tresta’s schedules, it’s easy to present a different menu of options or to handle menu options differently based on the day of week and time of day.

Week View Showing a Company's Office Hours

Review Menu Reports to Understand Call Trends

In addition to serving as an efficient means of routing callers, call menus also help categorize your calls. Use Tresta’s call reports to see how your calls are being distributed across across the users, groups and forwarding numbers you’ve added to your phone system.

Department Avatars Showing the Number of Calls Each Received

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