Call Forwarding

With business call forwarding from Tresta, you can send your calls anywhere. Keep your business and customers connected.

Call Forwarding

Forward your business calls to any phone number.

Call forwarding allows one phone number to send its calls to ring through to another phone number. You won’t have to worry about missed calls again, no matter where you are!

Freedom to do business from anywhere.

Never miss an important business call again. With your business calls forwarding to your cell phone, you're accessible anywhere, anytime. You can even configure call forwarding to try you at multiple numbers — your office, cell, even home. Have all of your forward-to numbers ring simultaneously or in a priority order that you specify.

The freedom to do business from anywhere.

Flexible call forwarding to fit your schedule.

Perhaps you prefer to leave call forwarding turned on all the time. Or, maybe you like to create a schedule that automatically routes calls to different destinations based on the day of week and time of day. Whatever your preference, Tresta has you covered.

Flexible call forwarding that works with your schedule.

Complete privacy for your forward-to phone number.

When you enable call forwarding on a Tresta phone number, your callers won't have a clue. Your forward-to number will never be revealed. With the mobile app, you can return calls and have your Caller ID show the same number that was dialed to reach you.

Complete privacy for your forward-to phone number.

Why use call forwarding from Tresta?

Check out some of the top reasons our customers love call forwarding.

Easy call forwarding setup.

Enabling call forwarding is easy. Just log in to the web app, select the phone number you want to forward, and opt for when and where you want it forwarded. That's it!

It's easy to set up call forwarding on Tresta.

Dynamic call forwarding rules.

Sometimes one size doesn't fit all. With Tresta's smart routing, create call forwarding rules that dynamically route calls based on your team's schedule and availability. Send your calls to individuals, teams, caller menus, voicemail boxes, pre-recorded messages and more!

Create dynamic call forwarding rules.

Get every Tresta feature for one low price.

Tresta provides a lot more than just simple call forwarding. You get every Tresta feature for one flat rate — no contracts or “premium plans” required. Take advantage of smart routing, call recording, call analytics, custom extensions, custom groups, and unlimited voicemail storage for one low price.

Get every Tresta feature for one low price.

No special equipment required.

Your Tresta call forwarding can be set up in minutes, no additional equipment or hardware required. Use the Tresta app for iOS or Android to convert your cell phone into a powerful business phone (without exposing your personal number), and manage your phone service through the Tresta web app.

No special equipment required.

What can I do with call forwarding from Tresta?

Forward calls from local and toll-free phone numbers.

Tresta's call forwarding solution works with both local phone numbers and toll-free phone numbers. If you want to appear local in several different geographic areas, Tresta has you covered! Simply forward multiple local phone numbers to the same number.

Forward calls from local and toll-free phone numbers.

Ensure important calls aren't missed.

For many businesses, a single missed call can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost revenue. With call forwarding, ensure that every call is answered - even when you can't be at the office.

Ensure that important calls aren't missed.

Answer calls from any device, anywhere.

If the device has a 10-digit phone number in North America, you can answer your Tresta calls on it using call forwarding. Anywhere, any time, any device!

Answer calls on any device, anywhere.

FAQs: Call Forwarding

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's call forwarding, or contact us for more information.

Will callers know that I'm forwarding them to another phone number?

No! Your callers will not be able to tell when you're forwarding calls.

Can I forward calls from an 800 number?

Most definitely. You can forward calls from a toll-free number to either a local number or another toll-free number. And as you might have guessed, you can forward calls from a local phone number to either a toll-free number or another local phone number.

Can I forward calls to or from international phone numbers?

At this time, Tresta's call forwarding service only works with phone numbers in North America.

Are there any fees for using call forwarding?

Nope! You get all of Tresta’s business phone features for no additional cost.

I have other questions. Who can help me?

If you have additional questions, we'd love to talk with you. To speak with a product specialist, call (844) 2-TRESTA or use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner — we're available 24/7.