Auto Attendants

Automatically route callers to the right person or team - no receptionist required.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Auto Attendants

Thanks for calling ACME. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support...

With Tresta's built-in auto attendant functionality, you can present callers with a menu of options that gets them to their destination without the need to speak to a live receptionist.

Fast, easy setup.

Auto attendants are easy to set up, and you can create as many of them as you need.

1) Record or upload a greeting.

Record a message that greets callers and explains the keypress options that are available to select.
You can record one with your computer's microphone or upload a WAV or MP3 file.

2) Assign keys 0 thru 9 to fit your needs.

Define the menu options you want callers to be able to select from and where you want each one to go. Each keypress option can be routed to a:

  • Schedule
  • User
  • User Group
  • Department
  • Forwarding Number
  • Sub Menu
  • Or Another Auto Attendant

3) Assign a phone number to your new auto attendant.

Route one of the phone numbers on your account to your new auto attendant, and you're ready to start taking calls.

Always available.

With an auto attendant greeting your callers, you don't have to worry about your receptionist being unavailable - auto attendants are never out sick or away from desk and can help multiple callers at once.

The auto attendant ensures that everyone has a great first impression when they call our company.

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