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Auto Attendant

Automatically greet callers with an auto attendant that can route callers by extension or call menu.

Automatically Answer and Greet Callers

Tresta’s auto attendant ensures every call is answered on the first ring. Upon answering, your auto attendant phone system will play the custom greeting you recorded or uploaded and then will help to route your callers to the person or team they need to speak with.

Auto Attendant Playing a Greeting with Main Menu Routing Options

Route Callers with Extensions and Menus

After playing your main greeting, your auto attendant will prompt callers to either enter their party’s 4-digit extension or make a selection from the menu of options you’ve provided in your call menu.

Each call menu option can be configured to play another audio file, if desired, and then route to a user, group, forwarding number or voicemail box – or a sub-menu for further logic branching.

Smartphone Showing a Menu of Options Callers Can Dial

Handle Calls Differently Based On Your Hours

With Tresta’s schedules, you can modify any aspect of your auto attendant functionality to work differently based on the day of week and time of day, including your main greeting, the menu of options that you provide and/or where each menu option routes.

Week View Showing a Company's Office Hours

Make Updates Quickly and Easily

Your Tresta auto attendant is designed to be flexible and able to scale up with your business. Simply log in to the web app to make changes to your auto attendant system using our intuitive call flow builder at any time.

Call Menu with a Two Menu Options and a Third Opton Being Added

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