Auto Attendant

Tresta's built-in auto attendant automatically answers and greets callers and makes it easy to get them to the right person or team 24/7 - without the help of a live person.

Auto Attendant

Automatically greet callers with self-service menus.

Tresta’s auto attendant allows your callers to select from a menu of options that help them get to their destination efficiently and quickly - no receptionist required.

Create a seamless customer experience.

Tresta’s auto attendant automatically greets callers and routes them to their destination with effeciency and professionalism. And unlike a live person, auto attendants can help multiple callers at the same time.

Create a seamless customer experience.

Set a professional tone.

An auto attendant system can help a small business feel larger, setting a strong professional tone. And large companies benefit from more streamlined, efficient communication thanks to the auto attendant's help in automatically routing callers to the right people and departments.

Set a professional tone.

Serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Callers can self-guide through your call system to reach their destination quickly, which reduces caller wait times and improves communication efficiency. You can even route calls to different people and groups based on the time of day or other factors, so important calls are never missed!

Serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Grow your menu with your business.

Your Tresta auto attendant is designed to scale up with your business. Add new menu options to your auto attendant system at no extra cost, and change the recorded message anytime you want.

Grow your menu with your business.

FAQs: Auto Attendant

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's auto attendant feature, or contact us for more information.

What is an auto attendant?

An auto attendant is an automated phone answering system with built-in, self-service call routing. When a caller reaches a recorded message as part of an auto attendant system, they can use keys 0 through 9 to reach different users, departments, voicemail boxes, and more.

Can auto attendant handle more than one caller at a time?

Yes, Tresta’s auto attendant can handle multiple callers at once. In fact, there's no limit on the number of simultaneous callers it can support.

Does Tresta charge extra for auto attendant?

No! Tresta pricing is based on per user, per month—not on usage or select features. Use auto attendant (and other features) as much as you want at no additional cost.

How do I set up my auto attendant?

Tresta’s auto attendant is easy to set up. Should you need any assistance, Tresta offers 24/7 support for all virtual phone systems. Here are the three steps to setting up your auto attendant:

1. Record or upload your auto attendant greeting.
With Tresta, you design the greeting and change it anytime (at no additional cost). Record your auto attendant greeting to inform customers of the menu options. Or, if you already have a recording you’d like to use, just upload a WAV or MP3 file recording.

2. Link keys to auto attendant menu.
After listening to your greeting, callers can either enter the 4-digit extension of a person or department, or select an option that you may have configured for keys 1 through 0.

Depending on your business needs, keys can be linked to any of the following: user or department, forwarding number, pre-recorded message, voicemail box, sub-menu of additional options or even another auto attendant.

3. Connect auto attendant to phone number(s).
Finally, route any of your existing phone numbers to your new auto attendant phone system.