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Call Forwarding: Everything You Need to Know

Call forwarding is a feature common to most plans on just about every phone system, and Tresta is no different. It’s simple and useful, and there’s a number of different ways to use it to make your life easier, especially when pertaining to business calls. In this guide, we’ll explain what call forwarding is, different ways to use it, and how to configure it in your Tresta system.

What is call forwarding?

Essentially, it’s the ability to redirect calls placed to one phone number to a different phone number. The forwarding destination can be any other phone number. Simple enough, right? Generally, there are three types available:

Immediate: Calls redirect to the forwarding number immediately without first ringing to the number that was dialed.

Busy: Calls redirect to the forwarding number only if the line is busy.

No-answer: Calls first ring to the number that was dialed, then redirect to the forwarding number only if the call isn’t answered.

How do I use call forwarding?

Enabling it is quick and easy, but there’s a couple different ways to access these features:  

1. Phone carrier

Most phone carriers, landline and mobile alike, have a call forwarding feature. However, there are often costs associated with using it and the ways to enable it to vary between carriers, so check with yours for the specifics! On an iPhone, for example, call forwarding is enabled right from the Settings menu. In most cases, a carrier’s call forwarding feature is enabled by dialing a three-digit code followed by the ten-digit forwarding number. It might look something like: *72+(850)-123-4567. Turning it off is usually as simple as dialing another three-digit code.

2. With an app

If you’re looking for more functionality than what’s available from your carrier, there are plenty of apps designed to do just that. Some are meant strictly for the purpose of forwarding calls and enable you to do so without dialing a code. Some have other features, like text message forwarding and the ability to only forward calls from specific phone numbers or to only forward calls during certain times. For even more functionality, there are virtual phone systems like Tresta. Simply put, a virtual phone system puts all the functionality of a traditional business phone system (call forwarding and much more) in the form of a mobile app.

Call forwarding with Tresta

Tresta is simple, flexible, and intuitive solution. Set all calls to a phone number to forward elsewhere or set them to forward to a number if there’s no answer. Within Tresta’s web app, you can forward the calls to another number, an auto attendant, a voicemail box, an audio file, a user or user group or a schedule.

Our schedule options allow you to send your calls wherever you want them according to a schedule that you create. You set up a schedule in our web app once (setup takes just a few clicks) and never worry about it again, with the confidence that your calls will always end up where you want them. For example, your “Office Hours” schedule could look something like this:

  • Weekdays from 9:00 to noon: Business calls forward to your cell phone.
  • Noon to 1:30: Forward to voicemail while you’re at lunch.
  • 1:30 to 5:00: Back to your cell phone.
  • After hours and on weekends: Send them to voicemail, an answering service, or wherever you want your after-hours calls.  

The options are nearly limitless, and removing or making changes to an existing call schedule or other routing option only takes a few clicks while improving your business communication.