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Virtual Phone App

With the Tresta virtual phone app, you can turn any iPhone or Android into a business phone.

Various Tresta Virtual Phone App Screens

Unlimited Calling

With Tresta’s virtual phone app, you can make and receive unlimited calls on your business phone number from anywhere.

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Tresta Virtual Phone App Calling Screen

Unlimited Texting

The Tresta virtual phone app also offers unlimited texting, with SMS and MMS messaging on both local and toll-free numbers.

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Tresta Virtual Phone App Texting Screen

Dynamic Caller ID

With Tresta’s dynamic caller ID, you can use your business number and personal number on the same phone, while keeping your personal and professional lives separate.

Incoming calls show both the caller’s caller ID and the Tresta number they dialed to reach you.

Outgoing calls will show your business number as your caller ID, so your personal number stays private.

Tresta Virtual Phone App with an Incoming Call

Contact Syncing

Tresta automatically syncs with your phone’s contacts as well as any users, groups and extensions that you configure – so anyone you want to call or text is just a click away.

Tresta Virtual Phone App showing Contact Syncing

Visual Voicemail & Call Recordings

Tresta’s simple visual inbox makes it easy to review your voicemails and call recordings, with options to reply with your choice of a call back or text message.

Tresta Virtual Phone App Voicemail Screen

Call History

See recently dialed, answered and missed calls, and easily search for specific contacts and phone numbers in your history.

Tresta Virtual Phone App Call History Screen

Call Details

Tap the call details icon on any history record to see how the call was routed, where phone numbers were located and more.

Tresta Virtual Phone App Call Details Screen

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