Number Porting

Need to change service providers and don’t want to lose your number? No problem. Port local and toll-free phone numbers to and from Tresta anytime.

Number Porting

Port your number so you’re always in reach.

Changing your phone number could mean losing customers. With Tresta, you can quickly port your number, at no cost to you. Retain the customers you have and keep building your business with easy number porting from Tresta.

No Contract
Tresta is a month-to-month service.

Unlimited Usage
Tresta bills per user, not per minute.

Any Device
Tresta works with any phone.

Port your number fast.

Tresta has one of the fastest porting times — usually within 48 hours for most numbers. Quickly and easily port both local numbers and toll-free numbers. Plus, you select the cutover time that is most convenient for you and your business.

Port your number fast.

No downtime during number porting.

Even a few hours without phone service can mean losing prospects or existing customers. With Tresta, your phone number will continue to work during the entire porting process. Your business continues without a hiccup!

No downtime during number porting.

Free number porting with no strings attached.

Everything is included in our simple, per user pricing. There are no fees or charges to port numbers in or out of Tresta at any time. The phone numbers on your account are always 100% yours.

Free number porting with no strings attached.

Why port your phone number with Tresta?

Check out some of the top reasons our customers choose to port their number with Tresta.

Hassle-free porting.

Tresta makes porting your phone number easy. We’re here for you every step of the way with 24/7 support for all virtual phone users. We’ll guide you through the process so your customers get the same service they expect with zero downtime.

Hassle-free porting.

Low overhead and high customer satisfaction.

Porting your number means there’s no need to update business cards, websites, or social media pages. Plus, customers can call the right number every time, creating a consistently great customer experience.

Low overhead and high customer satisfaction.

What can I do with my number on Tresta?

Use call analytics to grow your business.

Tresta’s call analytics help you understand trends, call details, and more by user, department, and phone number. View visual charts and summaries of your calling trends, and drill down into call details to investigate specific interactions or issues.

Use call analytics to grow your business.

Get all business phone features, no extra cost.

As soon as your number is set up, all of the Tresta’s phone features are available immediately. Call routing, auto attendant, virtual voicemail, and much more are ready to help your business grow. Plus, all features are included in our low, per user monthly price.

Every feature for one low price.

Get started with no new hardware or equipment.

With Tresta, no additional hardware is required. Use the Android or iOS app to turn your cell phone into a fully capable business phone—without exposing your personal phone number. If you have multiple business numbers, use Caller ID control to select the phone number you want to dial out from.

No hardware required.

FAQs: Porting Your Existing Phone Number

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about porting a phone number, or contact us for more information.

What is number porting?

Number porting is the transfer of a phone number to a new provider, without needing to get a new phone number. With number porting, it can be possible to transfer your number between wireline, IP, and wireless providers. The Federal Communication Commission has regulations regarding number porting.

Why would I want to port my phone number?

People decide to port their number for a variety of reasons, including better reception, customer service, prices, and more features.

How do I know if my current number is eligible to be ported?

All local and toll-free phone numbers can be ported.

If I port my number with Tresta, who owns it?

You maintain ownership of your number. The phone numbers on your account are 100% yours, and you are free to port numbers out of Tresta at any time.

Is my phone unavailable or out of service when I port my phone number?

When you port your number with Tresta, your number is never unavailable or out of service. Plus, you can choose exactly when you would like to port your number so it’s not inconvenient to you.

How long does it take to port my phone number?

Porting your phone number may take up to 48 hours but with Tresta, your number is always available so there is no downtime.

How do I port my number in to or out of Tresta?

Call us at +1 (844) 2-TRESTA and a customer service agent will be happy to assist you.