Tresta for Web

Get all the benefits of a hardware based phone system - without the hardware.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Web App

Manage your phone system with an easy-to-use web portal.

With Tresta, there's no hardware to buy, set up, and maintain. Just create your account, and then use the web portal to configure all that Tresta can do as your new business phone system in the cloud.

Add phone numbers, users, departments, and extensions.

It's easy to make changes to your business phone system at any time. Add and remove phone numbers, users, departments, and extensions with just a few clicks.

Control the way your calls are routed.

Tresta gives you complete control over the way your calls are routed. Easily setup a main company phone number, direct lines for employees and departments, and more with a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can use.

Set permissions.

Adjusting your team members' permissions in Tresta is as simple as adding or removing people from lists, so it's easy to give people and departments access to just what they need.

Manage billing.

Tresta's billing is simple and hassle-free. You pay a flat price each month for the number of users and phone numbers on your account - that's it. Finally a phone bill that's simple and straight-forward.

Access call recordings and voicemails.

While you'll probably prefer to use automatic email delivery or the mobile app, it's nice to know that you can access your voicemails and call recordings online from any computer or tablet.

No IT guy required.

We work really hard to make Tresta simple and intuitive, so that anyone can easily set up and manage their business phone system.

No hardware hassle.

With Tresta, there's no hardware to buy or break, and unlike a traditional hardware-based phone system, you can use Tresta from anywhere.

My favorite thing about Tresta is how easy it is to use. I was able to setup our system in just a few minutes.

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