Send callers to voicemail when you're not available.

When you can't answer, Tresta's voicemail system takes a message and gets it to the right person or team.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Voicemail

Ensure a consistent, professional voicemail experience.

You'd never let employees use their personal email address for business correspondences, so why do you allow employees to use their personal cell phone for business voicemails? Personal cell phone greetings lack your company's branding, are often unprofessional, and can vary wildly from person to person. Control the experience and maintain ownership of company voicemails with a business-grade voicemail system.

Private voicemail for users.

Every user account includes voicemail built-in. By default, messages are private and accessible only to the user for which they were left, but users have the option of adding other users and groups as subscribers - when the user receives a voicemail the subscribers will also receive a copy.

Shared voicemail for departments.

Every user group also includes voicemail built-in. By default, messages are shared across all members of the group, but group admins can modify the delivery options so that only a subset of members receives the voicemails that are left for the group.

Your choice of greetings.

Take advantage of the professionally recorded voicemail greetings that come with Tresta, or if you want a personalized experience, you can record your own.

Three convenient ways to get your messages.

Getting your voicemails is easy. Each user can configure their preferred combination of any of the following:

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Mobile App
  • Web App

No storage limits.

Never worry about your voicemail box filling up again. Tresta has no storage limits on the number or duration of voicemails you can keep.


Ever receive a voicemail that would make a great testimonial on your website or in an advertisement? With Tresta, you can download your voicemails as MP3 files.

I love the ability to share voicemails across teams.

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