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Unlimited Usage

Unlimited calling and texting, with every feature included.

Unlimited Calling

With Tresta’s unlimited calling, you can use your business number as much as you want without having to worry about your phone bill – there are no package minutesĀ  to stay within or per minute charges to keep track of.

Unlimited calls with Tresta

Unlimited Texting

Get even more out of your business phone number with unlimited texting. Just like calling, Tresta’s texting is truly unlimited. Send and receive as many text messages, photos and videos as you want without any per text charges.

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No Premium Number Fees

Most of our competitors charge more for toll-free numbers, and even more for premium toll-free numbers, (i.e. 800 numbers) and vanity numbers (numbers that spell a word or phrase). Not so with Tresta – all of our phone numbers are priced at the same low monthly rate.

Custom 1800 calling

No Premium Feature Fees

It’s a bummer when you go to use a feature you thought was included, only to find that you have to upgrade your plan to get it. You’ll never have this problem with Tresta. All of our features are included in our flat per user pricing.

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It’s Easy –
Let’s Start Here

Tresta makes it easy to get a new phone number or transfer your current one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it truly unlimited usage?

Yes, Tresta is truly unlimited – you’ll never be charged a per call or per minute fee. This isn’t the case with some of our competitors’ “unlimited” plans that actually have caps on usage and overage fees in the fine print.

Does Tresta charge extra for unlimited calling?

No, unlimited calling is included in your monthly fee.

Does Tresta charge extra for unlimited texting?

No. Unlimited texting is included in your monthly fee.

Does unlimited calling include inbound and outbound calls?

Yes. Unlimited calling applies to both inbound and outbound calls.

Does Tresta charge extra for toll-free numbers?

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge extra for a toll-free numbers, and toll-free numbers include unlimited usage just like local numbers.

Loved by Customers

At Tresta, you’re our passion. We’re constantly striving to make our business phone system even better, because nothing makes us happier than seeing you happy.