Smart Routing

With Tresta's smart call routing, you can create dynamic call flows that can meet practically any need.

Smart Routing

Smart call routing for smart businesses.

Easily create call flows that route your calls exactly the way you want.

Create dynamic call flows.

Tresta lets you can control exactly how your calls are routed at every step of the way. Should Tresta send calls to a specific user and, if they haven't answered after 20 seconds, then ring the entire department? Should Tresta play a custom “out of the office” message and then send callers to voicemail? Should an automated attendant greet callers and provide them with a menu of options? With Tresta, the possibilities are endless.

Easily create detailed call flows.

Leverage powerful features like the auto attendant, call menus and schedules.

As part of your smart routing rules, send callers to an auto attendant that can automatically greet callers and provide them with a menu of self-service options. And with schedules, Tresta knows when your team members are available to take calls and when they need to go to voicemail.

Simple call routing setup.

Stop missing calls with Tresta's no-answer rollover feature.

What if a call is routed to a user or department, but there’s no answer? No problem. Tresta’s call routing lets you set where the call should go next. Send the call to voicemail, or continue routing. Your call routes can be simple or complex—either way, it's smart enough to get your customers where they need to go!

Route calls with intelligence.

FAQs: Smart Call Routing

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's smart call routing, or contact us for more information.

How much does call routing cost?

Nothing! Just like all of Tresta’s features, call routing is included in the per user price of your phone plan. No hidden fees, no exclusions.

Where can I route callers?

You can route callers to auto attendants, custom recordings, forwarding numbers, users, user groups, and voicemails.

For example, greet customers with an auto attendant. If customers press 1 for hours of operation, call routing can send them to an automated recording. If customers press 2 for a particular department, then all phones in the department could ring or only a specific user’s. If no one answers, the call can be routed to voicemail or another department, and so on.

The options with Tresta’s call routing are almost endless, so you can customize it to your business’s unique needs!

What happens if a call goes unanswered?

Choose how long calls ring for (20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 seconds, or no timeout) and then pick what happens next. For example, simply have the call go to voicemail, send the caller to an auto attendant, or bounce the call to another user or group.

Can I schedule call routing?

Yes, using call scheduling, you can set up which days—and even hours—to have calls routed to the appropriate places at the right times.

Do I have to use all of these features? What if I just want to keep it simple?

You can use as many or as few features as you want. Build a sophisticated call routing structure or a simple one with just a few steps. It’s up to you.

Who do I contact to set up call routing?

No one! You can set up call routing on your own, whenever you want, with Tresta’s web app.