Phone Numbers

Get a toll-free phone number in your choice of 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888 prefix.

Toll-free Phone Numbers

Present the right image with a toll-free phone number.

When choosing a phone number for your business, you’ll need to consider whether you want a toll-free number, local number, or both. Ultimately there's no right or wrong choice - it's a decision that comes down to your specific needs and the image you want to convey.

1) A toll-free phone number adds credibility to your business.

Toll-free numbers enhance your company’s image. Whether you work in a fancy downtown office or out of your home, a toll-free phone number conveys trust and lends a professional image to your business.

2) Toll-free numbers allow your customers to call you for free.

Toll-free numbers provide for a better customer service experience by allowing your customers to call you at no cost to them, no matter where they're located.

3) And they convey a strong national image.

Toll-free phone numbers bring to mind large corporations and national operations. If these are the kind of things you want people to associate with your business, then a toll-free number is a great choice.

Instant activation.

Tresta makes it easy to add toll-free phone numbers any time you have a need to, and your new numbers are always ready to use immediately after you add them.

Flexible routing options.

You have complete control over the way your phone numbers work. Restrict the people and departments that have permissions to dial outbound from each phone number, and assign inbound calls from each phone number to any of the following:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Schedule
  • User
  • User Group
  • Department
  • Forwarding Number

You own the number.

The phone numbers on your account are 100% yours - you're free to port numbers out of Tresta at any time.

Adding a toll-free phone number made my company look larger and more credible in advertisements.

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