Number Porting

Port local and toll-free phone numbers into Tresta.

Fast. Free. You maintain ownership of the numbers.

Number Porting

Port in an existing phone number quickly & easily.

Have an existing phone number you'd like to use with Tresta? Port it in quickly, at no cost to you.

Most numbers port within 48 hours.

We'll schedule a cutover at a time you approve - usually within 48 hours.

No downtime during the porting process.

Your phone number will continue to work during the entire porting process.

No cost to you.

There are no fees or charges to port numbers in or out of Tresta.

You maintain ownership of the number.

The phone numbers on your account are 100% yours - you're free to port numbers out of Tresta at any time.

Port your number today.

Our customer service team is available to assist you 24/7 - call (844) 2-TRESTA to get started.

Tresta made it so easy to port my number in.

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