Business Texting

With Tresta's unlimited texting feature, you can streamline your business communication and respond quickly through your business phone number.

Business Texting

Unlimited texting from your Tresta number.

Send and receive unlimited business text messages to one or multiple contacts directly from your business phone number, instead of your personal. With Tresta's virtual phone number, it's free and easy to use with the Tresta iPhone or Android app.

Communicate faster and easier

Many customers today prefer to communicate through quick text messages. It's less intrusive and feedback is immediate.

Communicate faster and easier.

Get an immediate response in writing

Give your business another communication channel to quickly confirm appointments, answer questions in real-time, and respond to missed calls quickly in writing.

Get an immediate response in writing.

Make your team more productive.

You can collaborate with your team members through text messages, allowing them to stay focused on their tasks.

Make your team more productive.

FAQs: Business Texting

Read on for more information about Tresta's business texting (SMS) feature, or contact Tresta for more information.

What is business texting?

Business texting, or SMS, allows you to send and receive text messages on your business phone number, instead of your personal number. Communicate faster and easier, and reply back through your business number.

With Tresta, sending business texts is unlimited and free when you sign up. Get started today with a 30 day free trial.

Is there a limit to how many texts I can send?

No, Tresta offers truly unlimited text messaging included for one low price with no contract required.

How do I send a business text from my business number?

It's easy - Sign up today with Tresta and get a local or toll-free business phone number, or port your own number. Download the Tresta app for iPhone or Android, and easily start sending and receiving texts using your business number.

How do I send a photo?

Tresta's messaging feature allows you to easily send pictures, videos, and GIFs to users and contacts. Size limitations may apply to meet carrier requirements and ensure delivery.