Call Analytics

Easily access real-time call analytics and glean insights into trends, call details, and more with robust call summaries and reports from Tresta.

Call Analytics

Powerful call analytics for actionable insights.

With Tresta’s easy-to-use call analytics, you can dig into when and how your phone service is being used, giving you the business intelligence to make better decisions.

Check in with your user-friendly dashboard.

With the Tresta dashboard, you can view important call trends, see your phone calls in real-time, and gain valuable phone call insights.

Check in with your user-friendly dashboard.

Get detailed call statistics.

With Tresta, you can view the activity of your entire organization, or filter down to a specific location or user. See how calls break down by department, employee, and phone number with roll-up statistics that include call counts, dispositions, duration, and more.

Get detailed call statistics.

Use real-time and historical information.

View the historical and real-time call data for any of your extensions or devices with Tresta analytics. Generate reports for any time period you want: hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Use real-time and historical information.

Why use Tresta call analytics?

Check out some of the top reasons our customers love Tresta call analytics.

A great user experience on any device.

Your business phone system shouldn't stay stuck at the office. With Tresta, you can access your company's virtual phone system from any device, anywhere, and all Tresta's apps are incredibly user friendly and intuitive.

Improve business decisions with Tresta.

A full suite of business phone features at no extra cost.

All business phone features are included in our low, per user monthly price. As soon as your number is set up, all Tresta features are available immediately. Take advantage of call routing, auto attendant, virtual voicemail, and more to help your business grow.

Every feature for one low price.

No hardware or special equipment needed.

With Tresta, no additional hardware is required to turn your existing phone into a high-powered business phone. Use the Android or iOS app to turn your cell phone into a fully capable business phone — without exposing your personal phone number — and manage your Tresta service through the web app.

No hardware required.

What can I do with business call analytics?

Make better decisions.

Tresta improves your ability to make confident business decisions by providing convenient access to answers about internal and external call activity, analytic call tracking, real-time call queue status, and call quality.

Improve business decisions with Tresta.

Improve business operations.

From employee performance to the ROI of sales campaigns, Tresta’s call analytics give you the right data to increase efficiency and improve your business.

Improve business operations.

Understand how your ads are performing.

Assign unique phone numbers to each of your advertising channels or campaigns and get the ability to see what's working and what's not. Easily report on the number of calls per ad channel, and get call summary statistics that will help you understand the type and quality of phone calls your ads are driving.

Generate easy-to-read call reports.

Offer 5-star customer service.

Tresta offers call recording for training, compliance, and quality control. Combine call recording with robust business phone analytics, and you’re ready to take customer service to the next level. Look at call volume trends to ensure appropriate staffing during peak times, investigate call duration and disposition to identify training needs, and more!

Offer 5-star customer service.

FAQs: Business Phone Analytics

Read on to learn the answers to common questions about Tresta's call analytics, or contact us for more information.

What is call analytics for business phones?

Call analytics is the comprehensive data from your business phone system. This includes how many calls were made, how long those calls lasted, what percentage of those calls were answered vs. missed or outbound vs. inbound.

Most call analytics platforms, like Tresta, include related call information: voicemails, call recordings, and more. Analytics should also give you the ability to view call records for individual users, groups of users, and entire departments so you can make apples-to-apples comparisons in the data.

What are the benefits of call analytics?

Business call analytics helps businesses glean valuable inside information, including call trends, buyer preferences, and call dispositions. Leaders can take this information to understand important customer trends and make informed, strategic decisions.

Does call analytics cost extra with Tresta?

No! Tresta pricing is based on per user, per month—not on usage or select features. Use your call analytics, auto attendant, voicemail, and other features as much as you want at no additional cost.

I have other questions. Who can help me?

If you have additional questions, we'd love to talk with you. To speak with a product specialist, call (844) 2-TRESTA or use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner — we're available 24/7.