Access call analytics that help you understand trends, call details and more.

Cloud Based Phone System Feature: Analytics

Gain a new level of insight into your phone calls with powerful analytics.

With easy-to-use but powerful searching and filtering, Tresta unlocks your phone data to provide actionalable insights into the ways your organization, departments, and employees are engaging on the phone.

View visual charts and summaries
of your calling trends.

View charts of call counts and durations by hour, day, week, and month across any reporting period you define.

Access your business contacts from anywhere.

Get summary statistics by user, department, and phone number.

See how calls breakdown by department, employee, and phone number with roll-up statistics that include call counts, dispositions, durations, and more.

View calling history from across all your devices.

Drill down in call details to view
more information about your calls.

Click any row in the call details section to reveal additional information that shows how the call was routed, where the participants were located, and the call recording or voicemail.

View calling history from across all your devices.
The insight we've gotten from Tresta on our call tracking campaigns has been amazing!

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