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Tresta helped us tie our remote team together with a phone system that we can use from anywhere.
Super impressed with how easy it was to setup.
Tresta helps us present a more professional image to the distributors, bars and restaurants we deal with.
Tresta keeps me connected to my clients regardless of whether I'm in the office or working on the go.
Setting up my account was a breeze with Tresta’s helpful customer service team.
Tresta ensures our tenants can always reach someone, even when our maintenance crew is off-site.
Very impressed with the system. Simple and intuitive.
It was so easy to setup a phone number for my business.
You guys have the most helpful customer service team I've ever dealt with. Bravo!
Tresta keeps us accessible to our customers, no matter where we happen to be working.
Customer: Joel Moore, President
Company: Moore Traffic, Inc.
Location: Atlanta, GA
Employees: 16
Since: 2012

Meet Joel and learn why he loves Tresta.

Joel tends to stray away from customary ways of doing things. That's why he started his own company that performs both digital marketing and SEO consultations for small businesses. Joel needed a phone system that played well with his remote sales team.

"Tresta helps us tie our remote team together with a phone system that we can use from anywhere."

Moore Traffic Inc. is a one stop shop for small businesses looking to boost their local online presence. From developing a social media strategy to maintaining the SEO for their customers’ websites, their solutions for each customer are truly one of a kind.

An expert in most U.S. markets due to their geographically diverse team, Moore Traffic has well-versed knowledge into what works in various regions. In addition, the local SEO team stays current on industry trends resulting in a full-service marketing solution for their customers.

  • Challenges
    • A traditional, desktop phone system wasn't an option for Moore Traffic, since almost everyone in the company works from a different location.
    • Employees had been using their personal mobile phone numbers, but Joel felt that not having a main company number made the company look smaller than it was.
    • Joel also needed a way to send sales calls to his entire sales team so that valuable leads would always have the best chance of being answered by a salesperson.
  • Solution
    • Joel compared his options and ended up choosing Tresta to better connect his customers to his sales team.
    • Every employee was added as a user and then categorized into groups of users by department. This allows calls through the main number to be routed to both individual employees or employee groups like the sales team.
    • Joel also set up an auto attendant to greet callers with a professional message and automatically forward them to the appropriate employee.
  • Results
    • Now callers get a professional and consistent experience with Moore Traffic, no matter who at the company they're trying to reach.
    • Potential new customers are able to quickly reach a sales rep no matter where the sales team is working.
    • Additional features such as call recording allow Joel to share customer insights with his employees and monitor quality of service.
Customer: Rochelle Stein, Owner
Company: Simple Beauty Products
Location: Casper, WY
Employees: 1
Since: 2013

Meet Rochelle and learn why she loves Tresta.

Rochelle started selling natural beauty products online in a major wholesale marketplace two years ago. Rochelle is a stay-at-home mom who is always on the go and has a passion for making earth friendly beauty products. As her schedule picked up, so did the need for a more flexible phone system.

"I love being able to get calls on the go, and the ability to record my calls and have voicemails emailed to me is somethig I couldn't imagine not having now."

Simple Beauty's product line includes essential oils, bath soaps, and aromatherapy. Rochelle uses all-natural and organic botanicals vitamins, and oils to ensure her products are effective and environmentally friendly. With hopes of opening a storefront soon, Rochelle has been building her local brand awareness by selling her products in various nearby businesses.

  • Challenges
    • Rochelle can't always be around an office phone to answer calls, but she doesn't want to send callers to her cell phone either, because they'll get her personal voicemail if she doesn't answer.
    • Also, because she's often on the go when customers call, she's been missing important information that she later needed to fulfill customer requests and she needed a way to address this.
  • Solution
    • Rochelle setup a professional sounding phone system with both a toll-free and a local phone number, so she doesn't have to give out her cell phone number anymore.
    • She enjoys the conveneience of still being able to answer calls on her cell phone, but when she doesn't answer, callers now rollover to a professional voicemal box - never her personal voicemail.
  • Results
    • Simple Beauty Products now has a toll-free phone number and a professional phone system to match it's growing regional presence and enhanced image.
    • All missed calls go to Rochelle's business voicemail which are then emailed to her, ensuring she gets back to every customer with the right information.
    • With unlimited call recording, Rochelle can replay any call at any time, making it impossible to ever miss an important detail of a call again.
Customer: Trippe Lancaster, Brewmaster
Company: Cold Hole Brewing
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Employees: 10
Since: 2012

Meet Trippe and learn why he loves Tresta.

Trippe and his wife Courtney are revolutionizing the way people drink beer. They needed an equally revolutionary phone system that could grow with Cold Hole Brewing.

"Tresta helps us present a more professional image to the distributors, bars and restaurants we deal with."

Heavier beers, like India Pale Ales or Stouts, are often associated with colder weather. Trippe and Courtney set out for a way to create flavorful session beers with the heat in mind. Known as CoHo by locals, Cold Hole Brewing is being distributed in 20 states and can be found in stores and bars throughout the Southeast.

  • Challenges
    • Traditional desktop phone systems weren't applicable to a staff that is never at a desk, always working the floor or on the move.
    • Needed a better, but budget-friendly, way of handling the calls they weren't answering.
  • Solution
    • Trippe and Courtney chose Tresta to serve as their phone system in the cloud - with call forwarding, employees could answer their calls from anywhere, making it a perfect fit.
    • They set up the auto attendant to route callers easily to sales or the brewery, and added all employees as users so callers could connect with the right individual.
    • And with user groups, they were able to send calls to teams instead of individuals, ensuring that more calls were answered. Plus, the entire team received a copy of the caller's voicemail when a call couldn't be answered.
  • Results
    • Cold Hole Brewing has expanded its distribution by 17% since incorporating their new system. Tresta of course cannot take credit for this growth, but Trippe feels their new phone system has certainly helped.
    • Distributors, bars and restaurants are now greeted with a more professional image every time they call Cold Hole Brewing.
    • Thanks to their new auto attendant and ability to route calls to entire teams, fewer calls are going to voicemail and, when they do, shared voicemail subscriptions makes coordinating follow-up much easier.
Customer: William Avery, Independent Agent
Company: Southern Life Insurance
Location: Orlando, FL
Employees: 1
Since: 2010

Meet William and learn why he loves Tresta.

William Avery knows how important it is to build trust with potential clients, and great communication goes a long way to improve it. That's why William is a great insurance agent, he prides himself on delivering an extraordinary customer experience. With his busy schedule, William needed a phone system that he could always access on the go.

"Tresta keeps me connected to my clients regardless of whether I'm in the office or working on the go."

William Avery has been an insurance agent for over 5 years. He provides high quality insurance products for home and auto owners throughout the Orlando area. William's mission is to be his client's advocate throughout the claims process.

  • Challenges
    • When William was out of the office traveling to meet clients, he often missed calls. However, he worried that using his personal cell for his business wasn't projecting the most professional image to new clients.
  • Solution
    • William signed up for Tresta to keep connected to his clients from wherever he was working.
    • He uses call forwarding to send client calls to his cell phone when he is out of office.
    • He also uses Tresta's voicemail feature for when he absolutely cannot take a call, making it easy to find and return business calls when convenient.
  • Results
    • William no longer misses important calls from clients who do not have access to his mobile number.
    • Callers are always greeted by the professional sounding auto attendant and then routed either to William or his business voicemail box.
Customer: Michelle Whittaker, Owner
Company: Whittaker Walker
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Employees: 4
Since: 2012

Meet Michelle and learn why she loves Tresta.

Whittaker Walker is a furniture company specializing in custom pieces for large commercial spaces. Thanks to a sudden wave of growth in her business, owner, Michelle Whittaker, was looking for a phone system that could be setup quickly and continue to grow with her business.

"Setting up and customizing my account, including porting in my phone number, was a breeze with Tresta's helpful customer service team."

Whittaker Walker is a custom furniture design company specializing in pieces for large spaces, such as luxury resorts and retail stores. What started as a home-based shop for local businesses, has quickly skyrocketed into a growing now regionally known designer. Michele recently acquired a warehouse and has added several new employees. Whittaker Design now has a wait list for orders and solid design team that continues to deliver custom, hand-made furniture to their customers.

  • Challenges
    • Michelle needed a way to keep her current toll-free phone number for her advertising.
    • Missing important calls while traveling was becoming a huge problem.
  • Solution
    • Michelle was referred to Tresta and loved the idea of a 24/7 customer service team.
    • Michelle's toll-free number was easily ported for continued use.
    • User accounts were set up for each of her warehouse employees, so calls could be routed to the appropriate person.
    • Additionally, Michelle added a new auto attendant to greet and direct callers and voicemail for each employee when they are not able to take calls.
  • Results
    • With her toll free number still working, Michelle continues to benefit from her existing advertising campaigns.
    • Through their new auto attendant more calls are being answered immediately by her staff.
    • Whittaker Walker's new phone system not only sounds professional, but with Tresta's built-in features, employees get tons of functionality they didn't have before, like the ability to playback any call, share voicemails between groups, and more.
Customer: Jacob Arabata, Operations Manager
Company: ATC Property Management, LLC
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Employees: 14
Since: 2011

Meet Jacob and learn why he loves Tresta.

ATC Property Management manages 10 apartment buildings across Brooklyn, New York. As the manager of operations for all the properties, Jacob wanted to make sure that tenants had a quick way to contact maintenance no matter the time of day.

"Tresta gives our tenants a reliable way to get ahold of someone, even when our maintenance crew is off-site."

ATC Property Management is a full-service real estate management company in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. They provide property management, renovation, maintenance and brokerage services. The people at ATC provide owners of rental buildings, condos and co-ops with the freedom to focus on other aspects of their business.

  • Challenges
    • Jacob's traditional phone system did not work well for his superintendents who spend most of their time off-site.
    • Routing calls to appropriate on-call maintenance teams for 10 complexes was difficult and time consuming.
    • After hour calls were being missed when they were not routed to the appropriate on-call superintendent.
  • Solution
    • Jacob realized the he needed a phone system that wasn't tied down by hardware or location. He added the entire maintenance crew as individual users and categorized them into a user group by building.
    • He then set up an auto attendant to forward calls to the appropriate building crew 24/7.
  • Results
    • Tenants are quickly and efficiently routed to the right crew depending on their needs, no matter the time of day.
    • With call forwarding, superintendants no longer stress about missing emergency calls when they are not available.
    • Call recordings and the ability to stream voicemails to entire teams of people added a layer of insight for Jacob, so he can make better decisions on staffing needs and quality of service.
Customer: Grayson Leon, DJ
Company: Leon Productions
Location: Aurora, CO
Employees: 1
Since: 2013

Meet Grayson and learn why he loves Tresta.

Leon Productions is a one-man DJ service that specializes in corporate events and parties. As he grew the business from a side-gig to a full-time job, Grayson invested in a stellar website to give his company an edge over the competition. He needed a phone system that kept the professional appearance going when potential clients picked up the phone and called after finding him online.

"I was impressed with how easy it was to setup. Simple and intuitive."

Grayson Leon has always been a music junkie which is why it just made sense to incorporate his love for music into his profession. A little over two years ago, Grayson left his corporate job to start his own DJ service, Leon Productions. Despite his relatively short time in business, LP has already generated a following and a buzz in the Denver community. Through a combination of popular electronic dance music mixed with lots of original tracks, he's known for creating a hip vibe that clients rave about.

  • Challenges
    • Grayson's needs were pretty simple, he needed the system to greet people and direct calls to his cell when he was available or to his business voicemail when he wasn't.
    • In addition to the basic calling capabilities, he was interested in any features that would help his one-man company look a little bigger than it actually was.
  • Solution
    • Grayson setup Tresta with a local phone number and was taking calls in minutes.
    • Even though it's just him, he setup an auto attendant to give callers a menu of options - little did they know that every option routed to him.
  • Results
    • Leon Productions now has a business phone system that matches the same upbeat vibe he'd worked hard to create on his website.
    • Every caller gets a professional first impression when they call his company phone number, which wasn't always the case when he was just using his cell phone.
    • More importantly, though, callers get the idea that Leon Productions is a team of people ready to staff their event - not a single DJ as is actually the case.
Customer: Corin Zimmer, Photographer
Company: CZ Fotografie
Location: Lawrence, KS
Employees: 2
Since: 2013

Meet Corin and learn why she loves Tresta.

The traditional 9-to-5 workday has never appealed to Corin Zimmer. That's why she chose to start her own photography studio a few years ago. Corin loves to be behind the camera, not a desk. Now she needs a business phone that works with her, whether she's at the studio or onsite at a shoot.

"Tresta made it easy to setup a business phone number with the features I needed to manage my calls."

CZ Fotografie is the premier photographer studio of Corwin Zimmer, a Lawrence-based lifestyle and event photographer. Corin specializes in bespoke wedding images that are tailored to the couple's personality. Between photo shoots, Corin works as a freelance photo editor. Her in-depth knowledge of her craft and her keen eye sets her apart from her peers. She also admits being a junkie for any new photo gear.

  • Challenges
    • Traditional desktop phone systems were not ideal since Corin is often on location or working remotely.
    • Missed calls were a big problem while Corin was on shoot.
  • Solution
    • Corin chose Tresta to help stay up on client requests and calls while she was out of the office.
    • Voicemail to email was set up so she could view messages and collaborate with her assistant remotely.
  • Results
    • Corin is now able to deliver better service to her customers by staying connected with them while working remotely.
    • Voicemail to email has allowed Corin to better prioritize her messages and collaborate with her assistant for proper response.
    • Client questions and concerns are solved much quicker and CZ Fotografie has seen the results in their bottom line.
Customer: Sandra O’Reilly, Partner
Company: O’Reilly & Williams Accounting
Location: Olathe, KS
Employees: 6
Since: 2011

Meet Sandra and learn why she loves Tresta.

Sandra started her accounting firm 5 years ago, and with savy use of her local network and word of mouth, she was able to grow her businesss at an impressive pace. Now, Sandra needed a phone system to help manage the flow of calls her growing business was generating.

"Tresta allowed me to set up my account in a way that made sense for my business at the time, and now it's growing with me."

Sandra O'Reilly was an accountant at a large corporation before founding O'Reilly & Williams Accounting in 2011. A year later she partnered with Brian Williams, CPA to expand her service offerings. They provide services to clients in a variety of industries - earning their clients' trust by delivering a consistently high level of service and professional expertise. Sandra and Brian cover many facets of accounting for their clients, but their specialty is tax preparation, planning and research.

  • Challenges
    • The firm has one part-time receptionist to answer and transfer calls. Calls received after hours were not returned until the next day.
    • Sandra wanted to start tracking some local advertising campaigns, but had just one number.
  • Solution
    • Sandra signed up for Tresta for its affordable price and ease of use.
    • Sandra activated her auto attendant to greet callers with a custom message when her receptionist was not present.
    • She also added a few numbers local to Muncie for her advertising and set them to forward to her main line.
  • Results
    • O’Reilly & Williams Accounting's new auto attendant sounds professional and directs callers to the right people 24/7.
    • With a unique number assigned to each of their ad channels, Sandra can finally see which ads are actually driving traffic.
    • The increased call volumes are no longer a concern and new clients have even complimented how well the system worked for them.
Customer: Leif Olson, CEO
Company: Forgotten Paths
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Employees: 24
Since: 2005

Meet Leif and learn why he loves Tresta.

Leif's a big believer that variety is the spice of life. This is one reason he chose to build an app where users can choose vacations that are off the beaten path. Leif needed an affordable phone solution that he could manage himself, and it neeeded to work when he happened to be off the beaten path too.

"Tresta keeps us accessible to our customers, no matter where we happen to be working."

Forgotten Paths, Inc. is an app that helps its users find and plan one-of-a-kind vacations that are vetted by seasoned travelers who have personally visited each location. FP also partners with a list of global vendors who add lots of insight, guaranteeing to make your experience unique.

  • Challenges
    • Forgotten Paths didn't have a budget for an IT person to set up and maintain a phone system.
    • Leif didn't have office space for bulky phone system equipment.
  • Solution
    • Leif chose Tresta's cloud-based phone system, which easily connected with his teams' mobile phones and didn't require any hardware or on-going IT support.
  • Results
    • Tresta saved Forgotten Paths the cost of setting up an expensive traditional phone system.
    • With their new system hosted in the cloud, lack of space was no longer a concern and managing it was easy and affordable - no IT required.

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