About Tresta

At Tresta, we see every phone call as an opportunity to deliver an exceptional experience. We believe that every business should be able to connect when, where and how they want, no matter their size. Unfortunately, the best communication tools are often out of reach for many businesses, either because they are too expensive or too complicated to use. That’s why we built a new kind of phone and messaging platform that makes business communication easier and more affordable for everyone with a suite of apps that turns any internet-enabled device into a full-feature business phone system.

Our Mission

Improve the way people communicate and work together.

Our Values

Most companies have a set of corporate values, but very few companies actually govern their decisions and behaviors by those same values. At Tresta, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that everyone on our team believes in the importance of keeping these traits central to the way we work:

You feel responsible for the end results.
You can be counted on to make sound decisions.
You express thoughts and ideas with clarity.
You engage honestly, not politically.
You have a strong desire to grow and excel.
You pursue measurable contributions.
You use your time and resources wisely.
You can solve complex problems on your own.
You work and collaborate well with others.
You ask good questions and love learning.
You look for ways that you can help others.
You believe it's important to live by the golden rule.


At Tresta, we’re a diverse team of free-thinkers who are always working to improve the ways businesses communicate. We don’t have a lot of respect for tradition, rules or bureaucracy, and we try not to dictate how our team members should solve the problems they're faced with – that's best left for them to decide. What we do care about is the results we're generating, which we support with a vibrant shared vision, the tools our team members need to do their jobs and the clear expectation that the rest is up to them.

While we push one another to deliver our best, our strongest motivation is always our enthusiasm for what we’re helping to build and the knowledge of what our services make possible for the thousands of businesses that rely on them. But as much as we love what we do, we know life isn’t just about work, so at Tresta you’ll frequently find us chatting it up around the watercooler, at a bar celebrating our latest success, out in the community giving back, or with friends and family enjoying work-life balance and living our best lives.

Tresta Culture Tresta Culture


We often take for granted the incredible power of email, websites, social media, and other forms of communication that the Internet makes possible, but when Tresta was founded back in 1990, none of these existed. Businesses had only a few communications options, each with its own limitations. Phone calls were real-time but required both parties to be available at the same time… even more of a challenge for large groups of people. Fax machines were fast and asynchronous, but they required special equipment that was only available in well-equipped offices. US mail was just plain slow. Face to face often wasn’t practical. So what were businesses to do when they needed to send a quick message?

They sent a voicemail, of course. Tresta’s voice messaging service gave businesses in the 90s the ability to record a message using any old phone and send it to an individual or even tens of thousands of people at once. It was an instant success, and thanks to incredible demand for our services, we experienced tremendous growth during our first decade. We were even ranked among Inc. magazine's top 500 fastest-growing privately-held companies in the United States three years in a row in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Of course, as the Internet began to mature and companies started to figure out what you could actually do with it, our world transformed seemingly overnight, and our services began to as well. In the years since, our small voicemail company grew and evolved into a robust phone and messaging platform as we, like so many other tech companies of the time, continued to explore the new capabilties that the Internet made possible.

Today, Tresta employs over 200 people and serves as a leader in one of the largest business service markets in the world. We're incredibly proud of our journey and what we've accomplished along the way, but despite all our success, one thing has remained the same - our obsession with finding new ways to improve the way people communicate and work together.

Tresta History Tresta History


Tresta's leadership team is a diverse group of senior leaders with decades of experience helping their teams dream big and deliver their best.

Austin Davidson
Austin Davidson
Austin is a passionate leader with a love for big ideas. Since taking the helm of Tresta in 2014, Austin has driven huge transformation with an innovative new vision for the company’s service offering and aggressive growth, nearly doubling Tresta’s headcount and driving new records in revenue as he and his team work to position Tresta as a leader in a new generation of cloud-based communications providers.
Jackie Gonzalez
Jackie Gonzalez
VP of Operations
Jackie is an expert executer and the driving force behind Tresta’s financial, strategic and day-to-day action plans. With a background in corporate law and finance, Jackie approaches problems from multiple angles and thrives on finding creative solutions to complex problems, and thanks to her leadership, Tresta has seen major advancements in operational agility and efficiency in the years since she joined in 2013.
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis
Director of Sales & Marketing
Dave is a natural born salesperson and marketer with a passion for B2B sales. After successfully running sales and marketing programs for some of the largest organizations in the US, including Hearst Digital Marketing Services, Dex Media and Ameritech, Dave joined Tresta in 2016, where he's set new records in top-line revenue for the past two years in a row.
David Mason
David Mason
Director of Customer Service
David is an ardent advocate for all things pro-customer, always championing those little details that add delight to our customers' experiences. David started at Tresta over fifteen years ago as one of our customer service agents, and now he’s directing that very same team with the unique benefit of his first-hand perspective on all of Tresta’s touch points.