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What is Smart Routing? (And why should my business care?)

With remote working on the rise, it’s super important to maintain top-notch communication with your team and your clients. Even though your coworkers are no longer located “around the corner”, they still need to hear from you. In addition, your clients are calling to ask questions, book appointments, and you’ll want to assure them that business is status quo.

For many reasons, using a personal phone as a business phone is not ideal. Plus, there are affordable virtual phone systems that are packed with features built for modern business communication. Smart routing is just one of those features that makes virtual phone systems the go-to choice for businesses today. 

What is Smart Routing?

To put it simply, smart routing allows you to create call flows that route your calls exactly the way you want. 

The options are endless – route to users, teams, a voicemail box, a forwarding number, call menus, and even set calls to route different places depending on the time of the day or the day of the week. It’s easy to set up and you can make changes anytime or anywhere.

What Can My Business Do With It?

With smart routing, you’re in control of the caller’s experience. Configure your system according to the size of your business, your schedule, or however you want! Use one or a combination of these smart routing options for your business phone system:

Auto Attendant

Welcome callers with a personalized greeting on the first ring. An auto attendant is a self-service call menu that routes callers where they need to go — think “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support.”


Ensure quick and reliable delivery by setting phone numbers to route calls and texts directly to individual users’ mobile apps. Each user has an extension and a voicemail box, all for $15 per user per month. 


Guarantee fast answer times by routing calls to user groups. The call will ring each user in the user group so the first available can answer. Members can even share a voicemail box or call recording stream, so everyone can stay on the same page.


Improve customer support and work-life balance by using schedules, where you can control how calls route based on the time of day or day of the week. Route calls differently after office hours or during lunch and weekends.

Forwarding Number

Do you have an after-hours answering service? Or an outsourced accounting firm? Forward calls to other numbers based on actions you specify like auto attendant selections or as a part of a schedule. 

And the best part is…

Not only does smart routing enable you to send calls anywhere you want, you can also select rollover options. Meaning you’re in control of how long a caller waits before the system tries to connect them with someone else.

For example, let’s say a call comes into your main phone number auto attendant and the caller selects “1” for new clients. You’ve configured new client calls to go to a user who happens to be on another call. With smart rollover you can opt to route the call elsewhere if it hasn’t been answered in a set amount of time, ensuring you capture every new opportunity and callers are receiving great service.

The configuration options are truly limitless with Tresta’s smart routing and rollover features.

Are you constantly working on the go? Is your team spread throughout the country? Is your team growing? Virtual phone systems make your business sound professional and have flexible configuration options that make it easy to customize your phone experience now, and as your business grows.

With Tresta’s easy-to-use platform, you can control exactly what happens when your business phone number is dialed. Smart routing makes it possible to work from anywhere…or to route calls elsewhere and take a well-deserved break. See all the flexible configuration options for yourself with our 30 day free trial.