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What is a Virtual PBX?

We’ve come a long way from switchboard operators and party lines. A traditional business phone system can be costly, not to mention the hardware equipment. Many companies, both big and small, are switching to a less-expensive, more beneficial option: the virtual PBX (private branch exchange).

A virtual PBX uses the internet rather than traditional phone lines so you make, route, and receive calls—all without the hardware of a traditional phone system. All at a fraction of the cost. And all with the capabilities of a traditional system, plus more. No, it’s not too good to be true.

How Virtual PBX Works

A traditional PBX relies on physical hardware and both internal and external phone lines. With a virtual PBX, all you need is a phone that you already have, such as a mobile phone or desk phone, as well as an internet connection and a virtual PBX provider. Your provider handles and hosts the exchange securely in the cloud. The behind-the-scenes technicalities are too detailed to discuss here, but virtual PBX makes everything very easy and simple on your end.

A PBX allows multiple calls to be made to the same number at the same time, without having to add additional physical lines. For example, this means that a business can receive several incoming calls at once, without callers receiving a busy signal. The professional business phone system features that virtual PBX is capable of handling make this possible.

Virtual PBX: Business Phone System Features

A virtual PBX is able to handle plenty of features to help you run your business more efficiently and offer a better customer experience. There are many features that Tresta offers to help convert your phone into a powerhouse:


Your friendly virtual receptionist is the first voice your callers hear. Auto-attendants can handle multiple calls at once and never leaves anyone waiting.

Call menus

Customizable call menus and submenus get a caller to the right person the very first time. “For hours and location, press one. For sales, press two.”

Smart routing

Sometimes callers are better served with customized routes rather than going directly into a voicemail box if a user doesn’t answer. Smart routing lets you set up which user, department, call menu, or elsewhere that a call should go to next.

Call forwarding

Heading out to lunch? Forward your phone to your mobile phone or a co-worker. Or, forward your virtual PBX to ring all your numbers, either consecutively or simultaneously.

Call recording

Whether you have a notoriously poor memory or you need a record of the conversation for compliance reasons, call recording ensures you catch everything you need.

Additional features

Enjoy many other features with virtual phones, such as call analytics, smart routing, visual email, extensions, and more!

Benefits of Virtual PBX

A great phone system solution for businesses is virtual PBX. Consider some of these benefits:

  • Lower costs: Sure, you occasionally need to spend money to make money, but there’s no reason that a business should spend more on a traditional phone system when a less-expensive alternative exists—and with more features.
  • Simple setup: If you’re not a fan of cables stretched across the office or a storage room filled with equipment, a virtual PBX is for you. A virtual PBX doesn’t require the typical phone hardware. It’s ready to go within minutes of set up.
  • Local, toll-free, or number porting options: Give your business a local or big-company feel with local or toll-free numbers. If you already have a business phone number, save yourself costs of redoing your marketing and simply port your number!
  • Enhanced features: A virtual PBX does everything you could want—virtual voicemail, call schedules, extensions, and much more!
  • Connect from anywhere: Work while on the road, from another office, or even in your pajamas at home. (We won’t judge.)

Get Started with Virtual PBX

Callers expect their needs to be met as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible. A virtual PBX can make that a reality, without using costly hardware or paying extra for the business phone features that you really need.

Don’t waste another moment of your customers’ time—or your own. Contact Tresta today and begin your free 30-day trial!