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10 Unexpected Ways to Use Call Recording for Business

Call recording is not a new technology; businesses have been using it for years for training purposes and to ensure call quality. But a phone call recording system isn’t just useful for medium-sized and large companies.
Read on to learn about:

  • How call recording can benefit businesses;
  • Ten unexpected ways you can use call recording for business;
  • Why call recording is a business necessity.

Call Recording Benefits: It Isn’t Only for Big Businesses

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In the business world, call recording has been linked with contact centers and larger corporations. Anyone who has made a call to customer service has heard a recording or an agent say, “This call is being recording for quality and training purposes.”

Those big guys are getting it right. Call recording does wonders for training and call quality, while elevating the customer experience immeasurably. But it’s not just useful for them.

Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from frequently recording their calls with customers or clients. Here are a few reasons you should consider a phone call recording system.

It’s Affordable

Cloud recording software used to cost a mini-fortune; businesses had to seriously consider the ROI for such a feature. These days, call recording is a gold-standard cloud phone system feature and is often included in the cost (Tresta offers call recording as a free feature). When looking for a call recording software or a cloud phone system with call recording, you will save money by choosing a provider that:  

  • Includes call recording as an automatic feature – not as an add-on.
  • Does not charge you additionally for implementing the software.
  • Makes updates automatically – no professionals needed.
  • Has unlimited cloud storage for your recordings.
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It Boosts Productivity and Teamwork

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Need to review an important client call with your colleagues? Want to share customer feedback with your team? Call recording makes it incredibly simple to relay information accurately. It’s easy to miss out on details when you’re trying to jot down notes on a pad of paper. Call recording eliminates that issue.

It Covers Your Butt

Regardless of size, all businesses have the potential of being sued. Call recording is a great way to protect your business or yourself from liability. A miscommunication over something small – like a missed bill payment – can turn into a major ordeal. Portions of calls can be analyzed, potentially de-escalating the situation and saving your business.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits, let’s learn about the unexpected ways businesses can use call recording.

10 Unexpected Ways to Use Call Recording

  1. Make your product or services even better.
    Customers provide a lot of insight about what works (and what isn’t working) for your product. Call recording allows you to gather this intel and use it to make improvements – a surefire way to retain customers.
  2. Brainstorm remotely with colleagues.
    Not every business has a brick-and-mortar location. More than ever, business owners are
    choosing to build completely remote teams. Whether you’re working from home or in an exotic location, call recording on a cloud phone system can be used to gather ideas from team meetings and turn them into action plans.
  3. Interview thought leaders (or anyone) for your business blog.
    If you have a blog for your business, you understand the value of including interviews on your blog. Whether it’s beloved customer or a thought leader, those posts create a sense of trust in your audience. But interviews are hard and misquoting someone could get you in trouble. Enter call recording – capture every word and every quote without missing a thing.
  4. Take your customer service to the next level.
    Whether you are a very small business of one or have a team of customer support agents, listening to recordings of customer calls can give you keen insight on where you can serve your customers better. Sometimes all it takes is one small tweak – a word change, a different greeting, a different offer – to make your service even better. Call recording gives you the option to learn in real time.
  5. Streamline your sales technique.
    Even the smallest of businesses has to do sales occasionally. Knowing what works and what doesn’t with your customers is an essential component of thriving. Phone call recordings can help you and your team assess the sales techniques that work best for your potential customers and increase your chances of closing more deals.
  6. Say goodbye to scattershot marketing.
    Do you do a lot of spaghetti marketing? In other words, are you throwing your noodles against a wall to see what sticks? Every business has a target audience. Some owners run their businesses for years assuming they understand exactly who their customers are and what their needs are, but making assumptions can be extremely costly. You may be missing an entire audience who would love your product. Listening to recorded calls from potential and current customers gives you greater clarity over where your marketing dollars should go.
  7. Gather customer success stories to share.
    Using positive customer reviews on your website, blog or social media is a boon for your business. Whether you provide a business service or a product, potential buyers are likelier to purchase a product after reading reviews:
    40 percent of consumers form an opinion of a business after reading just 1-3 reviews. Using a call recording feature with a cloud phone system gives you the opportunity to capture those reviews and then share them with the world.
  8. Analyze job candidate interviews more stringently.
    The phone interview is a business staple. It allows human resources or anyone hiring to get a closer look at candidates for a position. Yet, if you’re in a rush to jot down notes, you could miss important nuances like a hesitation answering one of the questions. Recording phone interviews with potential job candidates is an awesome tool that allows hiring managers and owners recall the conversation and find the best person for the job.
  9. Train employees on best practices.
    Want your team to sound sharper, knowledgeable and approachable? Of course you do. Use call recordings to assess employee calls and train them on making their calls with customers or clients even better.
  10. Forget the shorthand.
    Say goodbye to scribbling as quickly as you can on a legal pad. The best thing, hands down, about phone call recording is the ability to leave the notepad behind. Any important details you could possibly miss are there for you to listen to at any time. Tresta offers unlimited storage for call recordings with their cloud phone system – pretty handy.

Call Recording is a Necessity for Businesses

Phone call recording isn’t just for training and quality assurance anymore. It is a tool that makes businesses more productive, protected and proactive.  Whether you want to provide better customer service, build a collaborative remote environment or simply stop taking notes during calls, your business will ramp up efficiency with call recording.