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5 Ways a Virtual Phone System Makes Your Remote Team More Productive

The modern workplace is as diverse and flexible as the people who make it up. Advances in technology allow teams to work remotely as physical proximity is no longer a barrier to getting work done. Remote work helps businesses make better use of talented people from anywhere and enables flexible collaboration. Using remote workers results in reduced overhead costs as well, as more workers contribute from home rather than an office.
In a recent survey, a surprising 91 percent of respondents said they are more productive when working remotely, in addition to feeling happier and more valued.
A virtual phone system easily connects everyone on your team regardless of location. They are more user-friendly and affordable than traditional phone systems, and will make everyone more productive.
Here are five significant ways a virtual phone system makes your remote workers more productive.

Person riding in car with feet out the window remote work virtual phone system

Call Routing

Virtual phone systems ensure your team answers every single call no matter where they choose to work.
Tresta offers unlimited users and user groups that act as departments. The system’s auto-attendant answers every call with a custom greeting and routes callers to the correct user or group. This means when a call is routed to sales, the entire team receives the call at once. Then any available user answers the call, and from any location.
Call routing brings peace of mind when you know each caller receives the same attention.

Call Recording

One more way to make remote collaboration easier and more effective: recording your calls with your virtual phone system. Tresta offers unlimited storage – keep as many call recordings as you like.
Sharing is easy: email your call recordings or access them online from any device. Call recording makes collaboration simple and keeps everyone in the loop.
Users subscribe to receive recordings for their department so no message is missed. Rest assured each call or message is heard by the right people

Work From Any Device

Virtual phone systems bring you and your team closer than ever, no matter if they’re states away, down the street, or in the next room.
Calls are routed to any device a user chooses, so they’re connected to you from anywhere. This not only ensures you reach your remote team easily, but allows more flexibility to work unbound to any certain location or device.

Extensions: Anyone is Four Digits Away

Increasing productivity means removing anything that slows us down, like a co-worker who is unreachable.
Each Tresta user is assigned a four-digit extension in addition to their number. Callers use these to quickly reach who they need without using the auto-attendant.
Similarly, employees can easily contact other members of the team using the same extensions. Everyone’s on the same page, no matter what (or where).

Help Your Team Grow with a Virtual Phone System

Turnover costs your business money and time.
Creating a work environment that attracts and retains talented people is in your best interest; as it turns out, talented people desire remote working. One third of respondents to a FlexJobs survey said they’d left a job because it didn’t allow flexible work options.  
The flexibility offered by a virtual phone system gives you more access than ever to the best workers, and gives them the means to connect to their workplace from anywhere.


The benefits of utilizing remote workers-more potential for talent, happier workers, and cost savings-certainly speak for themselves. However, those benefits don’t ring quite as true if you can’t get those workers on the phone when you need them.
The convenience offered by the features of a virtual system can help you remove any barriers to communicating with your remote workers while actually making them more productive!