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How a Virtual Phone System Helps You Through a Hectic Holiday

Ah, the holidays. Carols fill the crisp, winter air as leaves turn golden, then red, then fall to the ground. A familiar feeling of dread creeps into the back of your head with the approach of the most hectic season for just about any business.

Staying organized is paramount during the holidays, and it can seem impossible with tasks piling up on top of whatever personal obligations you and your team members may have.

While not easy, it’s certainly possible to stay afloat during the holidays, and a cutting-edge communication system will help.

A cloud-based virtual phone system like Tresta is packed with features designed to optimize how your team communicates and works together, and might be just what you need to survive the season without a hitch. 

Your auto-attendant: a holiday miracle.

You’re busier than ever, which leaves you and your team more likely to miss phone calls while working. Imagine a team of elves, diligently working to answer and route all of your calls while you focus your energy elsewhere.

An auto-attendant answers every call with a custom greeting and guides callers through routing options so they reach exactly who they need without any confusion.

This means less effort required on everyone’s part. Your callers will appreciate it—don’t forget, they’re likely just as busy as you are!
If no one is available to answer, the auto-attendant routes callers to voicemail. These voicemails are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, downloaded, and shared with other users via email. No more missed connections.

Work from anywhere, even a crowded mall parking lot.

You forgot a gift for (insert any family member or loved one). The gift exchange is in two hours. You have no choice but to dash out of the office in desperate search for a last-minute gift. But what about work?

Luckily, virtual phone systems like Tresta have you covered. They’re designed to work on any of the devices you already own, so the same smartphone you used to jot down your grandmother’s stuffing recipe becomes your link to your work, no matter where you are.

Tresta in particular features an intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android that turns your smartphone into a mobile office. All the features of the desktop version, conveniently pocket-sized.

Use any of your business phone numbers, access voicemails, call recordings and business contacts from anywhere the day takes you. One less headache!

The gifts keep coming all year long.

This is just a taste of how a virtual phone system makes life easier for you and your business. Here are a few more of the features you could take advantage of:

  • Unlimited users and phone numbers means unparalleled scalability. If any sort of growth is part of your plan, a virtual phone system ensures everyone on your team can stay connected.
  • No contracts and transparent pricing: Tired of your vague and confusing phone bill? Cloud phones feature billing that’s simple, straight-forward and easy to understand. Even better, there’s no contract to sign and you can cancel at any time.
  • User groups and extensions: group your team members by department, so callers have an easier time reaching whatever department they need.

‘Tis the season for stress-free business.

With the right tools in place, your holiday can turn from a nightmare soundtracked by bells to a smooth and successful end to your year. There are dozens of more pressing concerns than whether or not your phone system is performing as it should, and a virtual phone system won’t let you down.