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7 Virtual Phone Features that Power Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people there are. They’re always on the go and are typically balancing multiple high-stakes projects at once. They need flexible-but-reliable technology and business communication solutions that can help them stay on top of everything they’re trying to manage.

Virtual phone systems are a must-have for most entrepreneurs or anyone working remotely, as they allow you to take your business phone number with you anywhere you go. Not all providers are created equal, however, so in this post, we’re going to take a look at 7 must-have virtual phone features that all entrepreneurs should look for. 

1. A Strong Mobile App 

Virtual phone numbers thrive only when there are strong mobile apps that come with them.

Mobile apps for virtual phone lines like Tresta allow you to add a business number to your existing mobile device simply by downloading an app. You can make outgoing calls and answer incoming calls, along with checking your voicemail at any point.

On-the-go entrepreneurs need this ultimate flexibility, as it allows them to stay connected from anywhere. 

2. Business Texting Features 

When you think about a business phone system, texting may not be a virtual phone feature towards the top of your priority list, but it should be one that you’re intentional about looking for.

Texting offers an additional channel for you to communicate both with your clients and your own team without you needing to rely on your personal phone number of even expensive third-party live chat software. 

3. Call Recording Capabilities 

Call recording is a valuable asset for a number of reasons. 

The first is that you’re able to listen back to calls for recall purposes. If you forget what time someone said they wanted to meet later or exactly what you agreed to in a key negotiation, you can get that information without getting any egg on your face.

Recorded calls also offer quality assurance benefits, especially if you have team members helping you manage client calls. 

Finally, they protect your business. You have proof that things happened exactly how you remember, which can be useful if anyone tries to pull a fast one on you later.

4. Detailed Call Analytics 

Did you know that virtual business phone systems can come with in-depth call analytics? They track information like where your calls are coming from, how long they’re lasting, and which departments are taking the most calls.

Real-time data can help you determine which marketing channels are driving the most phone calls to your business, especially if you’re assigning unique numbers to each individual channel. You can then optimize for those channels accordingly. 

5. Smart Routing Abilities 

Call routing isn’t a “one size fits all” solution anymore where you need to set a specific number to route to a single place. Instead, you want to look for a virtual business phone that has advanced routing abilities.

Smart routing allows you to create custom schedules and unlimited options. Do you want your phone to automatically route to your assistant during standard 9-5 hours when you’re in a meeting, and to an answering service after 6pm. 

You want flexibility with call routing, and you want it to be easy; the last thing you want is to have to spend ten minutes multiple times a day to send callers to wherever you want them to go. 

6. Remote-Access Voicemail 

You don’t just want to be able to make calls from anywhere; you want to be able to access your voicemails from anywhere, too. 

Virtual business phone systems like Tresta have voicemail boxes that you can access through your mobile app, web app, or even through your email. You never have to worry about being away from your voicemail missing crucial messages that require urgent responses, helping you to stay on the go without missing a beat. 

7. Built-In Auto Attendants  

Have you ever called a business to receive a recorded greeting and a menu with a list of different options for where you wanted your call to go? This is an auto attendant

Auto attendants can direct callers to the right place instantly so they’re not transferred and put on hold multiple different times. Not only do they provide a more seamless, convenient experience for callers, but they also help you to look more established, too.

Businesses with auto attendants have the implication of being successful enough that they need help routing calls to their multiple departments. 

Auto attendants should be easy to set up and come for free with the virtual phone system. 

Why Tresta?  

If you’re a busy entrepreneur realizing that you need to make a change in your communications with virtual phone features that will better support your business, take a look at Tresta.

Tresta includes all of the above virtual phone features and more, all included for one low monthly cost. We never charge more for usage or storage and offer 24/7/365 support. We’re ready to work just as hard as you do, so start your 30 day free trial anytime!