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How to Use Virtual Phone Extensions for Your Business

Have you ever experienced the frustration of wanting to reach a business, only to find yourself being put through a general call menu that doesn’t include the option you need? This can be nearly rage-inducing when you’re trying to reach a team member who has been helping you or who you trust but instead find yourself in front of someone else who isn’t able to help you. 

Virtual phone extensions can help prevent this, getting users to the exact staff member they want to connect with. In this post, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about virtual phone extensions, including how they work and how you can use them to advance your business.

How Virtual Phone Extensions Work 

Virtual phone extensions work thanks to simple call forwarding technology. When users call your business phone number, they’ll be told they can either listen to the call navigation menu or enter their extension at any point. They enter a simple extension, and the phone starts ringing for the exact team member they were trying to reach.

When you’re using a virtual phone system, extensions simply trigger the call to be forwarded to the team member in question. And since they’re using a virtual business phone number, they’ll be able to answer from anywhere in the world that they can get cell reception. 

How to Use Phone Extensions to Advance Your Business 

If you haven’t set up phone extensions yet, it’s something you should consider doing, especially since virtual phone systems like Tresta make the process exceptionally easy. There are a few key uses that make phone extensions particularly valuable when you’re looking for new ways to advance your business. 

They Allow Your Teams to Work Remotely 

Virtual phone extensions are just that: virtual. This means that they work with virtual business numbers, and users are able to take calls remotely. 

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all too familiar with the importance of the ability for your team to work remotely. Pandemics aside, this also frees up your staff to work when they’re stuck at home for the day with a sick child, or allows them to work when they’re on a business trip.

Phone extensions allow each team member to set up their own virtual voicemails, letting the caller know that they reached the right place. If they’re on vacation, they may have an “out of office” message which will tell the caller when they’ll be back or if they should call someone else in the meantime. 

Get Callers to the Right Place Faster 

Running and scaling a business can be complicated, but a core part of it is creating the strongest and most positive customer experience that you can. And in many cases, the best customer experience is a direct and convenient one.

You don’t want customers to need to spend time working through a call navigation menu and sitting on hold just to ask to be put in touch with a certain team member. You want them to be able to enter a few numbers, press pound, and hear the line ringing.

Keep in mind that getting callers to the right destination faster is good news for your business aside from simply creating happier customers. It means that your team isn’t being pulled away from critical tasks or other callers who need their attention simply to redirect calls. 

Use Extensions & Customized Voicemail to Convey Basic Business Information 

Any business is well aware that a solid chunk of phone calls they receive will ask about their address, fax number, or hours of operation. You can use a virtual business phone extension to solve this problem, keeping these calls from drowning your customer support team.

Here’s how: You add a “Hear our hours and address” option to your auto attendant, and use an internal extension to send users to a custom audio recording that will read out the current information that your customers are looking for. 

Makes You Look More Professional 

You might have the absolute best product or service in the industry, easily outperforming competitors just on that alone. 

Unfortunately, though, that isn’t all you need to be successful. Customers look at small cues subconsciously when evaluating a business. They want to see that your website looks modern and up to date, for example. They’ll also notice if their experience calling you is disorganized or if it takes entirely too long. 

Having call features like navigation menus, auto attendants, and virtual phone extensions show customers that your business is large enough to need these extended features. It also shows them that you’re established enough to have everything up and running, and that you’re invested in the customer experience. 

The ability for leads and customers to call a single, core phone number (whether that’s a local phone number, a toll-free number, or a vanity number) and end up right with the person they want to speak to most, will improve their perception of your business overall. 

While they’re easy to set up and consist of just a few numbers that users need to dial after calling your business line, virtual phone extensions can be a game changer for your customers and for your team alike. 

Looking to set up virtual business lines and extensions for your company? Learn more about how Tresta works and can help your business here.