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Our Favorite Podcasts: Upside

We’ve just kicked off a new partnership with upside, a podcast devoted to startup investing outside of Silicon Valley, hosted by Jay Clouse and Eric Hornung. Jay Clouse is the founder of Unreal Collective, creator of Freelancing School, and freelancing instructor for Linkedin Learning/ Eric Hornung is an associate at RKCA Services, LLC, providing financial consulting services to middle-market businesses.

Why we think you’ll like it:

Each week, the hosts of upside speak with an early stage founder. Named one of the top business podcasts by Fortune, and “as good as getting an MBA” by Business Insider, upside explores the benefits of investing in startups outside of Silicon Valley. This is like a masterclass in startup financing – whether you’re looking to invest or you’re an entrepreneur seeking investments.

Their latest episode, “Fiveable // live-streaming test prep for AP classes” pulls listeners in right off the bat with some sweet furniture-focused banter between Jay and Eric. The two spend the rest of the episode interviewing Amanda DoAmaral, the founder and CEO of Milwaukee-based Fiveable.

DoAmaral proves the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention”. Having taught AP-level classes for five years at Oakland United, and frustrated by the unstable financial situation that teachers often find themselves in, DoAmaral made the decision to leave the classroom.

After a pitstop in Boston, she ended up traveling around the world – from Edinburgh to Nepal – and eventually landed back in New York, making fundraising calls for a political campaign. But clearly, she was missed in Oakland, and some of her former students were reaching out to her for help with their AP history exams. After live-streaming test prep sessions with this group of students, it dawned on her that there was longer term business potential in the idea of virtual test prep and educational resources, and founded Fiveable.

This is a great story that will speak to entrepreneurs and investors of all walks. Beyond the “How I Built This” style conversation, you’ll glean insights throughout on the conception, growth, and funding cycle for virtual business startups.

Listen to the Podcast:

Check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.