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How a Toll-Free Number Will Benefit My Business

Do you remember anxiously waiting until 9pm to call your best friend from camp across the country? It’s true, long distance phone calls aren’t nearly as much of a concern as they used to be, with most people shifting more towards cell phone usage instead of relying heavily on landlines, but toll-free numbers still play a prominent role in helping many businesses connect with their customers and vice versa.

But aren’t toll-free numbers a little 1998? Not necessarily. Originally, toll-free numbers were primarily used to help users get in touch with large businesses without getting hit with those long distance fees, but there are a number of distinct advantages they can offer businesses today outside of those original perks.

As you’re getting your business set up or scaling it to the next level and wondering how you want to handle all the incoming calls you’re expecting, consider toll-free numbers. In this post, we’ll look at why toll-free numbers are beneficial for both your business and your callers.  

Toll-Free Numbers Are Associated With Big Businesses

If you’re on a business’s website and see one of those 1-800 or 1-877 numbers popping up in the “Contact Us” section, how does that impact your view of the business itself?

Toll-free numbers are often associated with big businesses that are established and have a large influx of calls coming from a number of different locations. This can give your business an instant boost of credibility, which can always help make a stronger first impression.

Customers often see a toll-free number and assume that they’ve got everything in order and all figured out. They’re confident that they’ll be able to go through an auto attendant and get fast help from the right person. Using a toll-free number, therefore, can make your brand-new or newly-growing business look well established, which is a smart marketing move on its own.

They Can Help You Scale

As your business scales, toll-free numbers scale well with you, especially as you serve larger markets that are outside of your immediate geographic zip code.

Imagine you looked up a pest control company online, and saw on their site that they had an area code for New York while you live in Philadelphia. If you’re like me, you’ll assume that Google’s results were a little skewed and accidentally gave you a company that doesn’t actually serve your area.
When someone sees a toll-free number, they’ll understand that you aren’t restricted to a small location and they’ll assume that you can help them, too.

You Can Take It With You

Let’s look at a scenario, and say that you end up moving a few states over, and at the same time decide that you want to change phone providers. You go in to do this, and realize that you can’t port your old number because it can’t be supported with a new plan in the new location.

In these scenarios, you can put your client relationships in jeopardy. If they call you, not knowing the number has changed and you never get back to them, they’ll never know why and they’ll likely write you off all together.
All of this can be avoided with toll free numbers, as they aren’t bound by location and can be brought with you anywhere you go within the country. Read more about number porting here.

How Do I Choose A Number That’s Right For My Business?

Toll-free numbers are very much still a great tool for your business communications. But depending on your business goals, maybe you could take it a step further. If you’re a marketing agency establishing a national presence, a sole toll-free number might be the best solution for your business. If you’re the pest control company serving multiple markets, providing a combination of toll-free and local numbers could optimize the perception of your business even more.  

Tresta makes it super simple to find the numbers you need and they’re loaded with other features too.


Every public-facing aspect of your business can make an impression on users, and a toll-free number can show that you’re an established company who is ready to help their numerous customers with whatever they need. Since it’s just as easy to obtain toll-free numbers as local ones with services like Tresta, consider what is right for your business. If so, there’s no time like the present, so start looking into making the change today!

Want to get a toll-free number for your business that you can access through your personal phone at any time? Learn more about what Tresta can do for you here.