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The 5 Best Stories in Tech Right Now

There are things being dreamed up, drafted and built all the time in an attempt to make our lives easier. Technological advances are grander and more magnificent than ever before. In this monthly post, we share some of our favorite stories from the world of tech that affect the way we live.It can be said there are always mind-blowing items and advancements being revealed, but the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week proved that we can still be amazed by what the future holds. And the future is going to be so much better than it was in Back To The Future II. Well, once hoverboards stop spontaneously exploding. Cars are getting better and virtual reality is getting more useful.

Elsewhere, the blind can discern more spatially on tablets due to advancements in braille. A new, international event allows disabled athletes to compete using recently developed tech, and Spotify partners with Genius for a cool new feature.

Here our our top five favorite stories in tech right now.

Morphing Braille Tablets Offer Graphics to the Blind by Jon Fingas

Currently, there is voice dictation that allows the blind to use a tablet or smartphone. That’s a start, but according to Fingas there is now something better: microfluidic bubbles that will create braille on demand. It seems crazy that we’re still relying on the old motor version of this technology. The best part is it’s fairly cheap. The microfluidic system with a tablet is right around $1,000.

How ‘Cybathletes’ Will Reshape Human Bodies by Kathryn Nave

Prosthetic usage in athletic competitions is a hotly debated topic; the issue of it creating an advantage doesn’t sit well with some. Now, there’s a new event, Cybathlon in Zurich, that allows its competitors to use any sort of tech to compete. Another huge advantage Nave reports: athletes get to test out the latest advancements in power exoskeletons, prosthetics and wheelchairs.

Cliche or Not, Chevy’s 200-Mile Bolt EV is a Game-Changer for the Masses
by Nick Jaynes

Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jaynes proposes that Chevy’s Bolt EV is a real game changer. This long-range, electric car can run for 200 miles on a single charge. With a price tag of $30,000, a large tax deduction plus other advanced features, the Bolt is giving the latest model of the Tesla some stiff competition in the American car market.

The 3 Most Incredible Technologies to Come Out of CES by Joel Comm

Did I mention CES was a big deal? While the new Chevy Bolt EV was a hit, driverless cars were also a big deal. Mercedes shared their version and, though the technology has advanced quite a bit, there are still some issues to iron out before it can be made available to consumers. They are also completely illegal at the moment. So, there’s that. Virtual reality seems to be coming into its own — imaging quality is more realistic and the pricing is beginning to reach consumer levels. Comm also stated that companies focusing on augmented reality promise to do more with the tech than Google Glass has. Want to conjure up a game of chess on your coffee table? Put on your glasses!

Spotify And Genius Team To Stream The Backstory On Music Tracks by Ingrid Lunden

I love Spotify. It’s a love so pure and true and unwavering. With every new update, it just keeps getting better. According to Lunden’s post, Spotify and Genius are teaming up to incorporate backstory to songs on the Spotify platform. If you’re a music lover (and who isn’t), this feature can really add clarity to some of your favorite songs.