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5 Surprising Things a Virtual Phone System Does for Businesses

The internet has certainly made life easier. But when it comes to doing business, phone calls still reign supreme. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report from March 2019, the largest portion (39%) of those surveyed worldwide still prefer phone or other voice channels above all other service channels. That’s almost double those that prefer email (20%), the second ranking channel for customer service.

Today’s virtual phone systems make managing your business over the phone easier than ever. Modern systems handle much more than you might think! Here are five surprising things a virtual phone service will do for your business.

1. Take Your Calls On-the-Go

Business doesn’t just happen in the office. Your clients need the ability to reach you wherever work takes you – the office, home, or anywhere else. A virtual phone system can route calls anywhere you’d like: your mobile phone, another employee or department, or if no one’s available, voicemail. Want that voicemail message in your email? The system can do that too. No more missed leads.

2. Save Your Business Money

According to Secondwind Consultants out of Massachusetts, a payroll that exceeds 30% of gross revenue is one of the most common reasons businesses fail. Want to cut those costs?

With auto-attendants, there’s no need for a receptionist. An auto-attendant feature greets every caller with a customized message. If it sounds complex or complicated – it’s not.  On top of that, a virtual phone system is hosted in the cloud; you can forget about costly equipment or maintenance. Billing is simple, and of course, with a service like Tresta’s, there are no contracts. Cancel or change your service at any time.

3. Virtual Phone Systems Grow With Your Business

“​Delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does.”

Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman, and Nicholas Toman, for the Harvard Business Review

Auto-attendants treat every caller to a professional, stress-free phone experience and ensure their call quickly goes where it should. Systems are flexible and easily scaled up or down with your business needs. Callers receive the same professional, “packaged” messaging every time – no matter whether you’re in the office or on the go.

4. Help You Provide Better Customer Service

Listen and learn about your callers. Call recordings and voicemail can be accessed anywhere and shared with anyone. Keep track of details from callers, improve customer service, and analyze caller information easily. Are many customers having the same issues? Is a certain employee’s approach proving more helpful to clients? An analysis of previous calls reveals a lot.

5. Ramp Up Productivity

Does your day-to-day depend on efficient communication? No matter where the day takes you, a virtual phone system ensures seamless communication with your remote team members. Tresta offers unlimited users and calls never get missed with the User Groups feature. Tresta users also get their own phone numbers (or virtual extensions) where they can receive forwarded calls or messages. Everyone, everywhere, on the same page.

A virtual phone system does more than ever before to help you manage your business phone experience. To recap, here are five surprising things virtual phone systems do for businesses:

  1. Take your calls with you
  2. Save money
  3. Grow with your business
  4. Record and analyze calls
  5. Increase productivity