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The Secret to Managing Your Business by Phone

Twenty years ago, somebody would have thought you were crazy if you talked about entrepreneurship the way some people do now. It’s a chance to earn more while you see more, potentially traveling the world! Or at least while you can work from home and take the afternoon away from the office to get your dog to the vet.

If you do want to have flexibility and a successful business at the same time, of course, this doesn’t mean that you just aren’t working whenever you want. While there are certainly some very, very lucky individuals who manage to pull that off, most of us do, indeed, still have to churn out a fair number of hours to be successful. Instead, it just means that you’re able to work from wherever you choose.

While it never would have been possible twenty years ago, you can now manage almost your entire business by phone. Want to check up on your inventory, send invoices, and get business calls no matter where you are? You can do this and so much more, as long as you know the secrets to managing your business from your smartphone. Let’s take a look at what this encompasses. 

Consider Your Mission-Critical Tasks 

First, consider what you actually need to do in order to manage your business even if you aren’t there in the office. These tasks may include:

  • Responding to emails
  • Making and receiving calls from clients, vendors, and your own team members 
  • Managing or reviewing your current inventory 
  • Sending or paying invoices 
  • Signing important contracts or paperwork 

While ideally this would be done during a period of time when you can sit down at your computer, there are incredible tools that you can use to facilitate the completion of these tasks on your phone. 

Look at your mission-critical tasks (which are the tasks that you need to get done at any point rather urgently for business to continue moving forward), and find an app that allows you to do this both from desktop and from your phone.

Responding to emails can easily be done with your phone’s native email app, or by downloading a third-party tool if necessary. 

Virtual business lines like Tresta are excellent because they allow you to receive calls when you choose, forward calls elsewhere when you choose and offer a range of distinct benefits including business texting and call recording

Intuitive inventory management apps like Sortly are great for managing and selling inventory quickly, Quickbooks and Freshbooks are both solid choices for on-the-go financial reporting and invoicing, and HelloSign can be used to sign contracts fast. 

There are endless numbers of apps that are available to help you do everything from creating an employee schedule to improve project management all from your phone. Decide what you need, and find the tools that can help. 

Find an App That Facilitates Communication 

Communication is key for managing any business, and that shouldn’t stop just because you’re out of the office (even if you kind of want it to). 

Tools that allow you to communicate as effectively as if you were in the office should be a priority when you’re looking to spend more time on-the-go when you may be needed.

Virtual business lines are going to be a lifesaver here. At Tresta, you can make and receive calls through a business phone number that’s available through an app you can download on your personal phone, ensuring that you only have to carry one phone instead of two. You can also text employees, vendors, and customers, which is often more convenient for everyone involved. 

And when you’re on the move and you can’t take calls, smart routing features will send any calls going to you to another team member based on the settings you configure. You can have someone else pick up some of the slack, or even hire a third-party answer service like PATLive to help you manage your incoming calls when you’re unable (or just don’t want) to do so. 

Equip Your Team with What They Need 

Just as you’ve got the tools you need to be managing things outside of the office, you’ll want your team to feel comfortable with the change, too.

Make sure that everyone understands any new procedures that will be in place. This may include informing a team member that they may be forwarded your calls when you’re out, or ensuring that everyone is up to date on how to use the new software. 

The last thing that you need is your team being confused when new changes are put in place, so get everyone on the same page and ask if there’s anything else they need (including training) so that they can pick up a little slack while you’re away. 

Choose Systems That Offer Secure, Cloud-Based Storage 

Remember that convenience and personal flexibility should never come at the expense of security. It’s your responsibility to protect not only your business, but also your employees, your customers, and their personal information, too. 

Choose tools that have heightened security. Only use those that are PCI compliant, and try to opt for systems that offer secure, cloud-based storage and/ or encryption protection. This allows for remote access wherever you are, but ensuring that no one can hack into the data easily. 

Managing a small business isn’t easy. Managing one on the go can be even more challenging, but the right tools can make the task a lot more manageable. One of the greatest perks of owning your own business is the ability to call the shots, and what better way to do that than be able to work outside the office when you see fit? 

Whether you want to simply work from home, see more of the world, or even get out to industry conferences to grow your business further, there are a lot of reasons that could take you away from the office. All are great, you just need to make sure that you’re ready to keep things up and running while you’re out. These tips and tools will help you do that.