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How to Nab More Leads and Empower Your Sales Team with a Virtual Phone System

A salesperson’s interaction with a potential client is often the only human contact a customer has with your business. Your sales team a key component in managing customer expectations and perceptions.
Equipping your sales team with the means to communicate and adapt to a client’s needs is essential to their success.

Virtual phone systems have redefined the way businesses communicate in just about every way; the ease and flexibility of a cloud phone makes it an essential tool for your sales team.

Whether your sales team is remote or on site, a virtual phone system makes them accessible no matter where they work.

Here are a couple reasons a cloud phone is an essential sales tool plus some features that make landing sales even easier.

You can’t afford to miss calls

Think about the last time you tried to reach a business via phone.
Was your call answered? If it wasn’t, were you inclined to try again? An overwhelming amount of people won’t call a business again if their initial call went unanswered.

Everyone’s time is valuable.

If you can’t answer calls made to your business, callers won’t waste any more of their time trying to reach you.

A missed call is a missed opportunity. A virtual phone system ensures it won’t happen again. Calls to your sales team route to all of their phones at once, so calls are answered quickly.

Your salespeople are on the move. Are their phones keeping up?

How often is your sales team actually in the office? How long do they spend meeting with clients, scoping out leads, or on the road in between?
This time adds up. If you can’t reach your team, you’re wasting time waiting for a response.

With a virtual phone system, your team can take their business calls anywhere. Calls route to any device they want: mobile, home, or office. Wherever they are, everyone is connected as if they never left the office.

Other features that make virtual phone systems a must-have for sales teams.

Call Recording

Call recordings let you keep track of every detail. Easily refer back to calls for finding specific information or quality assurance and training.

Voicemail to Email

Access voicemail from anywhere by sending them to your email. Share call recordings or voicemails with other team members for easy collaboration. Perfect for sharing client information quickly.