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Best 8 Places to Share Your New Business Phone Number

Some people dread getting a new phone number because then they have to share it. Sharing a new phone number feels a lot like starting over, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

One thing is certain: now, more than ever, you’ll need to update your contact information in a variety of places. This will help you avoid interruptions in service and maintain unbroken contact with your customers, clients, contractors, and external teams.

Here are the key places you need to share your new business number ASAP.  

Your New Business Cards 

Your new business cards are an excellent place to display your new business phone number. Whether you’re simply re-ordering cards or redesigning your cards to align with a visual rebrand, this is a good opportunity to reset. 

If you have the opportunity to make the new cards visually distinct from the old ones, this could help you avoid confusion between the new and old cards. Perhaps you highlight the new number by using a different color from your brand design palette — if you’re not planning a complete overhaul. 

Note that each individual employee on your team can have their own phone number displayed on their cards, in addition to your new business phone number. 

Social Media 

A change of contact information is an incredibly important thing to share with your audience, and social media is one place to share it. It’s easy and quick to update the About and Contact sections in your social media profiles with your new business phone number. 

Don’t forget to post to all your social media feeds about your new contact information, too. You can publish a post in the regular feed, but you can also utilize Stories capabilities on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to give the news extra visibility. 

Inject a bit of your brand voice into the posts to engage your audience and inject a bit of personality or fun in the process. You could even use this as an opportunity to give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes.

Your Email Signature & Newsletters 

Remind your team members to update email signatures and company newsletters with the new business phone number. Each of you needs the new number prominently displayed in the signature section.

Additionally, all outgoing newsletters need the change incorporated into the usual contact information section. But, you should also add a special callout in the main body of your newsletters to let your readers know about the change of contact information. 

Remember, your newsletter to your mailing list is just one piece of the puzzle. If you also send newsletters to affiliates, investors, partners, or your corporate team, you should also share the change there. Making note of the new number in your internal newsletter is a great way to remind your team to change their signatures and request new business cards if needed. 

It could also be an excellent strategy to send a special email out to your mailing list and any other relevant parties so they’ll know you’ve changed your phone number. This will help cut down on any confusion that may come as a result of changing the number.

Your Website 

Your website is the online headquarters for your business, so you should absolutely make sure you’re displaying your new business phone number there, as well. Update your Contact page and every other place your phone number displays — such as your header, footer, and any contact forms that are displayed on the site. 

Make sure the new number is immediately visible so visitors can easily find it. It might also be advantageous to temporarily incorporate a popup on your site that alerts visitors to your new contact info, for good measure.

Your Online Profiles & Directory Listings 

When you share your new business phone number, it’s important to share it across your online profiles and directory listings. You can change your number on your Google business listing, and on review sites such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. 

Remember to change it on any industry-specific directory listings. If you’re a store in a mall, for example, you’re in an industry database. If you’re a member of the local chamber of commerce, have your number changed in the directory of chamber members.

The Clients You Serve

If your business is service-based, your clients will need your new business phone number. Reach out via email to share your new number with them to avoid any potential interruptions in the services you provide them, particularly customer service. 

Your Remote Contractors & Vendors

If you hire contractors to work for you remotely, whether they’re regular team members or contracted for a particular one-time project, let them know what your new business phone number is. Even if they normally communicate with you via online channels such as Slack or Asana, it’s crucial to make sure they have the updated number at their fingertips. 

If you hire agency teams to produce content or provide accounting services, let them know, too. 

Your Publicist or PR Team

Your PR team will need your new contact information so they can update all applicable contact information on any press content that goes out from now on. Press releases contain a small block of boilerplate contact information for your business, so you don’t want to forget to update that. Otherwise, you risk press-related contacts being directed to your old phone number. 

Sharing your new business phone number is quite an undertaking, but this should be a great jumping-off point for you to get started. If you start to get overwhelmed, recruit a few of your team members to help you spread the word. 

You’ll reap the rewards of your hard work when your customers, contractors, clients, partners, and more are able to get in touch with you via your new phone number — using the call management system that fits your business best.