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How to Improve CX with a Virtual Phone System

Working with your business should be a pleasant, positive experience for your customers. Even if your product is superior in the industry, if customers are always walking away from purchasing or your customer service department feeling like you gave them a migraine, it won’t bode well for you in the long-run. There are a number of different ways that businesses can improve their CX, and having a full-featured and versatile business phone system truly is a key part of that. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to improve your CX with a virtual phone system to boost customer satisfaction rates (and retention rates along with them!).

What is CX?

CX is short for customer experience, which encompasses the entire customer journey and every touchpoint with your business, and it’s not just about how much they like your product.

Is your website easy to use and order from? Are customers able to get fast, high-quality service across a variety of different channels? Is shipping fast and reliable, and is the return process equally so? 

Even offering options like sustainable packaging to help the customer feel good about their purchase can actually impact the customer experience across the board.

Why CX Is So Important 

You need your CX to be positive. If their experience with your business isn’t exceptional across all touchpoints of the buyer journey, they’re fairly likely to leave and at least test out a competing option. 

The following statistics back this up: 

  • 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services
  • 65% of consumers are more influenced by a great experience than great advertising
  • 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decision

Why the Phone Plays Such an Important Role in the CX

There are a number of different touchpoints and channels you need to consider when optimizing your customer experience, but perhaps few are as essential as your business phone.

That’s because 76% of customers still prefer the phone for reaching out to customer service for businesses, especially when the issue is urgent, sensitive, or important to them. If their phone experience with your business isn’t great, they’ll perceive your entire customer service efforts to be lackluster at best. 

This can absolutely result in an immediate loss in customers and poorer retention rates, and if they start leaving poor reviews about your service online, it can tank your ability to land new customers.

How to Improve CX with a Virtual Phone System

With the phone being a primary form of contact for users at all stages of the buyer’s journey, it’s crucial to make sure that phone service is exceptional. Virtual phone systems are one of the best ways to improve CX.

Get Calls to the Right Place Right Away 

Have you ever had to talk to an operator to explain a customer service concern, only to be patched through a representative, who then needs to send you to another department? By the third time you’re explaining an issue, you’re frustrated.

Virtual phone systems allow you to use auto attendants or extensions to get customer calls to the right place the first time, with no repeated explaining needed.

Offer Additional Communication Options with Texting 

Some users want quick, instant, convenient communication options. If you’re able to offer that, it’s an instant perk for your business. 

Business texting is an exceptional additional communication channel that most of your competitors won’t have, but virtual business systems like Tresta can offer. Customers can text questions or concerns to your business phone number, and a customer service or sales representative can respond as soon as possible. This prevents the customer from needing to wait on hold, especially if it isn’t urgent.

Representatives Are More Accessible 

Virtual phone systems enable your time to be as accessible as possible, even if your entire staff has to work remotely for some unprecedented reason (like a pandemic, perhaps).  

When your team is able to answer customer calls from anywhere by using the mobile app that they can download onto their own devices, you can still have a fully-staffed team even if someone needs to work from home for any reason.

This also allows you to reach managers effectively even if they’re off duty in case of a major customer issue. Many business owners or managers would want to be called if a major customer relationship was on the line, for example. 

Voicemails can also be accessed from anywhere, allowing all phone calls to be returned quicker, especially if they’re urgent.

Audit Calls for Quality 

Call recording features that are available with virtual business phone systems can help you audit all customer calls for quality. 

Are your sales staff closing sales effectively? Is there an issue with one of your team members that need to be addressed, or a new customer service policy that needs to be tweaked? By listening back to these calls, you can troubleshoot issues you may have otherwise missed and made improvements.

Aside from offering the best product or service in the industry, few things matter more to your business than creating an exceptional CX. 

And remember that it’s not just about attracting and wooing potential leads while nurturing them, but that the CX needs to be outstanding even once they’ve decided to purchase and even become regular customers. There are simply too many competitors in most spaces now that customers can go to if their experience with you doesn’t quite hold up. 

Taking time to invest in and improve CX is an ongoing process, but making the switch to a virtual business phone system is an exceptional first step.