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Our Favorite Podcasts – May 2020

Another month in quarantine, another month’s worth of business podcast recommendations from your friends here at Tresta. Each of the podcasts we recommend are hand-selected for the value that they provide to our small business and entrepreneur community – whether discussing founder stories, taking a deep dive into current trends, or identifying what’s next in the world of business. Here are some of the podcasts we’re listening to right now:

Finding Your Frequency

Finding Your Frequency, hosted by Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure, has been a much needed source of inspiration these last few weeks. Their platform is built around interviews with thought leaders and how they “found their frequency” in life. In a recent episode, they interviewed Brook Ide, a former corporate marketing professional turned winemaker at Vino Bandito Vineyards in Southern Arizona. This one was a little bit of a departure from their typical conversations, but definitely a welcome departure from the COVID-flooded media we’ve all been inundated with. If you’re trying to kick back after work with a glass of wine, this is a great listen. Check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Creative Boss Babe Podcast

Emily Hester – for lack of a better word – slays. She launched her own successful creative business (Canyon Moon Creative) for brand and web design. Even in her early twenties and still within the first few years of her business, she brings smart, compelling insights to creative entrepreneurs of all ages. Emily took a very frugal approach in launching her business, and for her, it paid off. By Q1 of this year, she had some savings and was able to invest back into her business. Listen to her recent episode, “What I Wish I Had Sooner in my Biz – My Q1 Investments” for some great product recommendations (hardware, software, and online education). If you’re a creative entrepreneur or freelancer, we recommend setting aside just 20 minutes to listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen.

The Freelancer School Podcast

Mike Volkin hosts The Freelancer School Podcast, a snack-sized (usually under 10 mintues) weekly podcast that focuses on strategies to help propel freelancers to success. Last week’s episode was all about pitch presentations – which can be difficult to navigate for agencies, let alone for freelancers and independent contractors. Mike, who also powers the Freelancer Masterclass, has some great tips for how to approach presentations when you’re pitching to new clients. Check it out on Apple Podcasts.

Evolve: The Entrepreneur Mindset

Evolve is another one of our favorite business podcasts. Hosted by Todd O’Brien, the show is all about entrepreneurs and their ambitions. One of their recent episodes featured Sarah Mac, a mindset coach for creatives and content strategist with Juicy Copy. Not only is she a writer, a coach, and an entrepreneur herself, but also a digital nomad, who’s traveled around the world helping other entrepreneurs propel their business startups to success. Listen to Sarah’s story on Evolve: The Entrepreneur Mindset on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.