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9 Simple Ways to Make Your Customers Happy During the Holidays

The holidays are such a stressful time – we’re all feeling the strain.
Between the pull of work and obligations with friends and family, the last few months of the year get filled up fast. The to-do lists become a mile long and everyone starts mentioning how they could really use a clone.

Businesses feel the same strain and stresses during the holidays. Except, on top of their personal and work obligations, they also have to make their customers happy. Quite the undertaking.

The good news is that great customer service isn’t about grand gestures or giant budgets, but rather using the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated – as your guide.

Here’s a list of nine ways to make your customers so happy that they’ll stick around in the new year.

Be Available

Don’t ask them to wait or to come back or call another time. Take care of your customers when they need you. Be there for your customers no matter what; a virtual phone system makes it easier to take your calls on-the-go and collaborate with your team. Does your mom scold you for answering business calls during holiday dinners? No problem. Set your calls to roll to voicemail or send them to your partner. A cloud phone ensures you connect with more customers and get more done.

Take Care of Issues with Expediency

Don’t keep your customers on hold or just standing in the middle of the store waiting for you to resolve an issue. Give each customer your undivided attention and work to resolve their problems quickly. If an issue isn’t resolved in less than five minutes over the phone, ask to call them back.

Pro Tip: Use a call recording feature on customer calls to capture interesting issues and proactively improve your product.

Be Cheerful Even When You Feel Not-So Peppy

The holidays aren’t just rough on customers, but take a toll on everyone. Just remember the age-old adage: this too shall pass. Try to keep your sense of humor. Text a friend. Hug a cat. We’ll all get through this.

Keep Your Promises

Want your customers to love you forever? Be a person of your word. If you state you return all calls within 24 hours, do it. Make sure your customers understand that they can rely on your business. It really shows you care.

Provide a Holiday Bonus or Incentive to All Customers

A token of your appreciation for your customers’ continued and loyal business is delightful as long as it doesn’t come in the form of a dense fruit cake. Come up with a valuable way that is relevant to your business and customers that will be a value add for them. It could be as small as a word-of-mouth incentive or as big as a gift card.

Post Your Ugly Holiday Sweater on Social Media

If you aren’t already communicating with your customers on social media, we have plenty of good reasons why you should. People love ugly holiday sweaters. The uglier, the better. Get some photos and share them on social media to get your customers buzzing.

Take Calls on National Holidays

Maybe you aren’t open on holidays, but that doesn’t mean your customers don’t need you. Show them you value their needs be taking their calls year-round. Don’t want to work on Christmas or Hanukkah? Use an auto attendant feature to alert your customers that your team is taking the day off.

Ask Your Customers About Their Holiday Plans

Talking to your customers creates a connection. It’s also just plain fun! Getting to know the people who make your business stay afloat gets you better acquainted with their needs and interests. You might even learn about something you could be doing better. Strike up a conversation. You never know where it could lead.

Make Them Feel the Holiday Spirit

You don’t have to have a physical office or storefront to decorate to get your customers in the holiday spirit. It’s always a nice touch to send out holiday cards. Can’t afford to have cards printed? Send out an email thanking them for sticking with you. The thought is always appreciated regardless of how it’s sent.

Don’t contribute to the stress of the holiday season. Instead, be the thing that makes your customers smile. Just like Jimmy Durante said, “Make just one someone happy, you’ll be happy too.”