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Must-Have Cloud Tools for the On-The-Go Entrepreneur

You’re an entrepreneur on the go.

Maybe your day is full of client meetings around town. Maybe you’re taking a day to work from home. Leaving the office behind, however, might leave you feeling disconnected from the day-to-day operations of your business.
Fortunately, there are a slough of cloud tools and solutions designed to keep go-getting mobile business professionals up to speed with what’s happening behind the scenes while they’re busy on the front lines.

Read on to reveal the best cloud tools for:

  • Communication
  • Task Management
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Invoicing and Financial Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Note Taking

Here are the must-have cloud tools that will make you more productive and keep you in touch – even when you’re on the go.


Slack is a communication tool that’s especially useful for remote teams.
Slack organizes your team into “workspaces” where members can chat, share files and documents, and quickly find information using the Search feature. Workspaces are centered around departments, projects, or any other category you see fit, keeping everyone up to date, organized, and on task.

And of course, there’s a mobile app that puts all these features right on your mobile device.
Slack on the App Store
Slack on Google Play


Trello is a cloud tool for project management that’s perfect for the visual learner.

Trello users create individual or group boards that consist of lists (content ideas, potential clients, potluck plans, anything). Each list displays different tasks or projects on cards. Imagine sticky notes on a bulletin board that can be searched through and accessed from any device.
Users can be added to cards relevant to their work, and cards can include due dates, documents and labels like “In progress”, “Pending approval”, or anything that keeps your team organized.
Trello on the App Store
Trello on Google Play


QuickBooks makes accounting a painless process–something you might’ve thought impossible.

Billing, invoicing and accounting are all managed on an easy-to-follow interface. The software also helps users manage inventory, contacts, accounts payable, and tax information. QuickBooks allows integration of your online bank account, so transactions are processed as they happen. All of this in one cloud tool.
QuickBooks on the App Store
Quickbooks on Google Play


When it comes to business communication in the digital age, the telephone still reigns supreme.

Tresta is a cloud-based, virtual phone system that lets you and your team manage business calls from anywhere, on any device. With Tresta, it’s easy to connect callers to the right person, team or professional auto attendant.
Plus you’ll have access to tons of other great features like voicemail, extensions, ring groups, and call recording that were once only available for large enterprises.
Tresta on the App Store
Tresta on Google Play


For mobile workers who find themselves distracted often.
This cloud tool provides a detailed analysis of how your time is spent online, helping you pinpoint inefficiencies in how you work. How long did you spend on email? On actual tasks? Scrolling Facebook? What did you accomplish today?

Set daily goals for yourself and view your progress. RescueTime even features a “productivity score” that quantifies how much you’re accomplishing according to your parameters.
RescueTime on Google Play
The RescueTime iOS app is still in development, according to their Twitter.


A cloud tool for managing all of your social media initiatives on one platform.

Sprout streamlines all of your social media messages into one inbox, making it easier to communicate across different platforms and not miss anything. Scheduling and publishing posts across networks is simplified with their shared content calendar.

Detailed analytic reports provide insights about engagement and can be custom branding and downloaded for presentations.
SproutSocial on the App Store
SproutSocial on Google Play


To-do lists, reminders, and notes to keep your personal and professional life organized and under control.

Wunderlist is a cloud tool that makes the ever-useful to-do list so much more useful. Lists can be grouped into folders, shared with contacts, and accessed from all of your devices. Reminders, due dates, and notifications help keep you on track with anything from groceries to work schedules and more.
Wunderlist on the App Store
Wunderlist on Google Play 

Cloud tools make you more productive.

You might find you work better outside of the office when you have the right tools at your disposal. Now that applications exist to handle everything remotely–from business calls to accounting–there’s no limit to how much you can accomplish from your office and beyond.

What are your favorite cloud tools for working remotely? Please share with us in the comments.